Why a snow holiday is great for families

Businesswoman, mother, wife, and former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss is a big fan of Club Med holidays. Here she shares her family’s experience of snow holidays with Club Med and why other families should give it a try. Jo-Ann and her family visited Club Med Les Arcs Panorama and Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, both of which are in the French Alps.

When I suggested to my husband that we go for a snow holiday with a 4-month old, a 2-year old, and 4-year old he thought I was crazy but, the ease of travel with Club Med and the change of scenery was amazing for our family.

Michael basically grew up on the slopes – he comes from a skiing family so he knows the ins and outs of snow holidays. Initially, he thought it was a terrible idea to go skiing with our young children but he was so impressed by the ease of taking a ski holiday with Club Med. He was impressed by many things at both Club Med snow resorts that we visited but, I think, he was most impressed by the organisation. For example, our ski kit was all set up for us in our lockers each day so all we needed to do was put it on and hit the slopes.

Child-care services

For our kids, it was just so amazing for them to go out and build their own snowmen and meet children from all over the world. My 2-year old made lots of new friends! Our kids also loved the G.Os that took care of them. They had a babysitter, who they loved, who would come and look after them. It was also great for us because it meant Mommy and Daddy could have some time alone to enjoy a romantic dinner or go skiing.

In fact, we had some of the best skiing of our lives with Club Med. There was one day where we were skiing on powder snow and we caught the sunrise, all while knowing that our children were safe and cared for. As parents of three, it was a real treat to be able to have the time out knowing our kids were safe. It was really incredible.

The skiing

The ski-in ski-out aspect of Club Med resorts meant that we could go from sipping on a tasty hot chocolate to going down the slopes in minutes. We stayed at Club Med Les Arcs Panorama and Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, both of which are in the magnificent French Alps. Both resorts are ski-in and ski-out resorts which means that you don’t have to travel to hit the slopes ­– you simply put on your skiis, and get going right from the entrance of the resort.

Club Med offers ski and snowboard lessons included in your package so there is no additional cost for lessons. The G.Os do also teach small children how to ski and it was on one of our Club Med holidays that my 4-year old learnt to ski. At that age they have no fear and their sense of gravity is so low so he took to it very quickly…and loved it. Watching my son go down a ski slope was just amazing.

Jo-Ann Strauss enjoys the French Alps with her children


Some places say they are family-friendly, when they aren’t, but Club Med is beyond family-friendly. It really is about putting the family first and I love that. One of the highlights of family holidays is seeing how your children enjoy the holiday and mine loved it. My four-year old learnt to ski while my 2-year old loved playing in the snow. She even made her own Olaf (the snowman from Frozen). Even our 4-month old baby had a great time. She started eating solids while we were away and she enjoyed the company of the babysitters who were able to keep her on her sleep routine.

Each night at Club Med there is a show that the G.Os put on. Our kids absolutely loved those shows. The show changes each night so they always had something new to look forward to in the evenings.

Healthy food options for the whole family

Club Med offers a good variety of food, at both the sun and snow resorts. Both snow resorts that we visited had the usual healthy fare as well as many other fantastic healthy options. I liked that they also had regional options.

There are so many different restaurants at Club Med resorts so you can try something new each evening. Our kids loved the Bread & Co restaurant. This particular restaurant is built around the kids so they invite you, the parents, to dinner with them and they can make their own food, which was great fun for my family.

It’s exchange-rate-proof

As a South African in Europe, it was wonderful to not have to worry about the exchange rate because our All-Inclusive holiday really did include everything we needed. For families, this is fantastic. You don’t need to worry about your kids not being able to do or try anything because of a high exchange rate – it’s all included so there are lots of things that they can try.

I would definitely recommend taking a Club Med snow holiday with your family, even if you have very small children. Our kids were nice and tired at night, after a busy day of fun, and they slept well. You’re creating the most incredible memories and it’s an active holiday for your family.

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