Six reasons to visit Cefalù

La dolce vita, aka the sweet life, is why an Italian summer should be on everyone’s bucket list… or in your thoughts at the very least.

Italians have a way of taking the flair of life and – through food, people, architecture, history, and authentic settings – creating an environment which enables you to embrace life to the fullest. Long days, food for every palette, an abundance of history and picturesque settings, and the ability to relax are only some of the ways Italians do this.

One of our favourite locations in the world is the beautiful town of Cefalù, located in the northern region of Sicily. This is home to our Club Med Cefalù village where art, culture, and Italian flair converge.

Here’s why we love Cefalù (and why you should love it too)…

1. Location, location, location

Nestled atop rugged cliffs on a headland integrated seamlessly with its surroundings, our Club Med Cefalù village overlooks the bay of the charming Cefalù town. Here you can breathe in the fresh Mediterranean sea air whilst taking in sunsets that will leave you mesmerized. Whether you take the time to sit in the sun or enjoy your morning cappuccino, the magic of Cefalù will rejuvenate you and keep you smiling.

2. Eat Italian

What would a trip to Italy be without treating your taste buds to the ultimate sensations?

The menus at Club Med Cefalù are signed by the highly-revered Andrea Berton, who is regarded amongst all cooks across Italy as one of the most decorated chefs in Milan. His dishes are a reinterpretation of the finest local products with a modern twist.

There are also three restaurants (including the Palazzo Gourmet Lounge and La Rocca) and four bars that each offer you a different setting and great experiences during your stay. Each aspect of the restaurants, from the moment you arrive to when you leave, will treat you to absolute wonder and exclusivity.

View of the rooms at Club Med Cefalù in Italy

3. A gem in our Exclusive Collection

Since opening its doors in the European summer of 2018, Club Med Cefalù is our first 5-trident resort in Europe.

Set amongst the lush gardens of the 14-hectare land and using contemporary architecture to capture that historical and European wonder, the village offers an exclusive choice of villetta, suites, and superior rooms. The rooms have been prepared with superior quality bedding with the sole objective of ensuring your days eating, exploring, relaxing, and enjoying Sicily are rewarded with the appropriate rest.

4. Exercise your body and mind

The resort boasts one of the largest sports schools in the world. With our skilled instructors you can learn to take to the waters on a stand-up paddleboard or try electronic surfing – all included in your package price. On land, yoga, fitness classes, tennis, and walking and hiking schools are available and included in your package.

5. Connect with culture

When you aren’t relaxing by the pool or swimming in the sea, the surrounding area is a cultural haven waiting to be explored.

Sicily is home to the Cefalù Cathedral, a 12th-century Norman fortress-like structure with elaborate Byzantine mosaics and soaring twin towers. Nearby, the Mandralisca Museum is home to archaeological exhibits and a gallery with a portrait by Antonello da Messina.

Our G.Os are on hand to arrange a number of excursions for you (at an added cost) including options where you can rent a Fiat 500 (in true Italian style) and drive to the magnificent capital of Sicily: Palermo.  While in Palermo you should take the La Dolce Vita Palermo tour which gives you the chance to go through the heart of the city, explore the neighbourhoods and colourful markets, and even take a passeggiata (stroll) through Mondello and the Marina like a real Sicilian. Make sure you stop to enjoy lunch or dinner at a seafront restaurant.

Exploring Cefalù on a Vespa

6. Visit the home of the Godfather

Take a drive to the famous village of Corleone. The village that gave birth to the Saints and Godfathers. It is also wine country and our knowledgeable advisers will take you on a guided tour of the majestic vineyards.

Click here and look under “activities” to discover more about the excursions.

Club Med Cefalù is where our All-Inclusive offerings meet true Sicilian living. Speak to a Club Med sun specialist at the Travel Agency by Club Med to book your Sicilian holiday today.