Four Club Med holidays in and I’m now truly sold

Brent Spilkin is a Club Med GM. Here he writes about his experience of travelling with his wife and toddler and why, after his fourth Club Med holiday, he is enamoured with taking Club Med holidays. He writes about his experience at one of our two resorts in Mauritius.

I have been fortunate enough to travel rather extensively in my life. I’ve stayed in dodgy places where I wrapped my pillow up in my clean t-shirts as the places were that dirty and I have been to places where the chocolate truffles placed on my pillow cost more than people in the region earned in a week. Three of my international breaks have been with Club Med – two on the snowy slopes of France and one in sunny Mauritius.

My latest experience was rather different, mostly due to the fact I now have a 2.5-year-old daughter who needed to be catered for and considered. So, my wife and I picked Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers in the north west of Mauritius as our holiday spot. From Johussleburg it’s a quick four-hour flight that lands in balmy Mauritius after dark. This is then followed by a one-hour, airconditioned bus ride with multiple families bringing tired and irritable kids to the resort – the only negative thing I experienced in the seven days we were there. Seriously, after much thought it’s the only piece I would have cut out and it’s not even the resort’s fault.

We arrived to a warm welcome and dinner which we skipped as our little one was finished and just needed to sleep. I woke up at 5h30am for a five kilometre run around the resort to gain my bearings and watch the sun rise over the warm Indian Ocean – where I dived in at 6h30am to cool off with not a soul around. It’s rather special having an entire beach to yourself at sunrise.

Beautiful Mauritian views at Club med La Pointe aux Canonniers. Photo by Brent Spilkin

Here is a “pro-tip”; don’t overeat at the first breakfast – you soon realise that the three full meals a day plus fruit and pastry snacks ALL DAY LONG will easily satisfy your appetite. The volume and choice of food being served at the Club Med village is overwhelming…and this is coming from a vegetarian who only ate one third of what was on offer. The seafood that was presented was enough for me to consider breaking my vegetarianism and just sneaking a small taste of sumptuous-smelling shellfish.

Then there is the bar. Now let’s remind you that this Club Med is aimed at parents who want to enjoy some adult time while the kids party, play, and learn at the Club Med Kids’ Club. So, the open bar is a temptress with amazing cocktails and super-cold beers on tap all day and night. Easy does it!

My daughter loved the beach and pools which cater for young kids; the pools have large shallow ends and there is a dedicated family pool with depths no more than half a metre. She came home saying “Beach, Mommy. Beach!” which is hard for a parent living in Jo’burg.

View of the family pool at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers

The whole resort caters, in great detail, for kids – from little babies right through to the teenagers. Let me explain what I mean: each room for families has a baby pram, a bottle warmer, a cot, and a small potty in the toilet. They even have pre-cooked mashed up food in glass bottles at dinner that you can pop into a microwave for babies. The restaurant has about three sizes of baby chairs and so much ice cream that even my daughter couldn’t make a dent in it…even though she tried every lunch and dinner!

I wouldn’t bother coming to this particular Club Med resort unless you have kids of your own or have a large family gathering because the hundreds of children running amok may not be great for your honeymoon. But, if you are even considering a real break away from the traffic and madness of modern life with your little one, Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers is an absolute no brainer.

Book now and prepare for a magical, warm week in paradise where you won’t need to spend an additional cent on anything, unless you like that Club Med 45 t-shirt in the boutique. Me? I’m SOLD!