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Meetings and Events by Club Med

Whether you are looking for incentives, conference venues, business meeting spaces, or business event venues, Club Med can help make sure that your meetings and events needs are met and that your initiatives are a success.


The Oxford Dictionary defines an “incentive” as “a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.” What better way to motivate or encourage your staff than the promise of a holiday in an amazing place? Making this happen, however, can get tricky for you as some holiday packages include some things and not others making it more expensive for the company or a hassle for the incentive recipient who needs to take out money they didn’t plan to for a meal or experience. With Club Med’s all-inclusive holidays, you will not run into these problems because you will know upfront what is included in your package… and there is plenty included.

The Club Med holiday package price includes food, drinks (including cocktails), accommodation, in-resort activities, entertainment, and more. Once your company has decided on the incentive location or the budget, you can easily purchase an incentive holiday for your top performer knowing everything is included. Furthermore, you could even make a more personalised holiday for your top performer by deciding on a budget and then seeing which of Club Med’s 67 resorts around the world fit within that budget. You can work within a budget and not compromise on a great incentive trip to reward your top performer.

Our local meetings and events team can also help you plan out any activities or surprises for your top performer and the in-resort team will ensure it all happens.

Water sports at Club Med Cancún Yucután
Enjoying water sports at Club Med Cancún Yucután in Mexico

Conferences and events

If you have ever had to plan an event (however big or small) you know that there are many logistics and details that, together, make the event a success. If you’re trying to plan a conference or an event in a different country the logistics and stress levels rise exponentially. You may even feel the need to travel to the venue even further in advance just so that you can be extra sure that everything that needs to be in place is ready in time.

This is where hosting your conference or event at a Club Med resort makes things much easier. Between the Club Med meetings and events team (both locally and in-resort) you can ensure that your vision is realised and that you won’t be surprised by unexpected costs.

You can choose to rent out a whole Club Med resort for a large conference, which has a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are that this will decrease your transport costs, save travelling time, and it will be easy for conference attendees to travel between the conference venue and their accommodation as they can easily walk there. Another benefit of hosting the conference or event at a Club Med resort is that all your costs and services are covered by one service provider: Club Med. From food and venue hire to excursions and leisure activities Club Med can do it all…and more!

Again, the Club Med meetings and events team can help you make this hassle-free. You would work with the local team to help you come up with a brilliant conference or event programme that includes fun activities for conference attendees to enjoy and the in-resort team will set everything up for you and be on-hand to help you make it all happen.

Meeting at Club Med Bali
A meeting room at Club Med Bali in Indonesia


Why not host your next big business meeting or strategic planning session at a Club Med resort? The Club Med meetings and events team, both locally and in-resort, will be there to ensure everything is set up as it should be and that your activities happen as scheduled. For example: if on one day you plan to have a volleyball tournament, the in-resort team can reserve the volley ball for you at your chosen time and give the ball to you or a team member. So once everyone arrives, you can start the tournament and have some fun.

Long meetings can get tiresome and it helps to be able to break up the intense mental work with some fun physical activity. From ski or snowboard lessons in the Alps to water sports in a beautiful tropical destination, your team will be able to have some fun while letting the ideas from the meeting or strategic planning percolate in their minds. What’s even more convenient is that you can choose from an array of included activities for which you will not need to pay an additional fee.

The Club Med meetings and events team

The local Club Med meetings and events team can advise you on which excursions are popular with South African groups, which events can easily fit into your itinerary, who to speak to in-resort to make something happen, help you with flight bookings and other essentials, and much more. If you would like to organise a special celebratory dinner for your top performer or for the individuals attending the meeting you can alert the local team and the in-resort team will ensure there is a private, pre-booked table decorated and ready for a fun celebration. If there is a birthday, the in-resort team can even organise a special cake for the celebrant and their private table.

Preparing for a group ski lesson at Club Med Val Thorens Sensations in the French Alps

The Travel Agency by Club Med

The Travel Agency by Club Med is a full-service travel agency. This means that you can deal with one sun or snow specialist who will book all the flights and accommodation for the group, including airport transfers. By doing this you can ensure that everyone travels on the same flight or arrives within close proximity of each other, and the rooms can also be in close proximity to each other.

You can choose from 67 resorts worldwide to host your next meeting or event, and the Club Med team will help ensure that everything is well-organised and goes well. From snow to sun, Club Med is a great all-inclusive option for your next meeting or event.

Learn more about meetings and events by Club Med and plan that meeting or event with us today.