Children fly to Mauritius and stay in Mauritius for free

A family holiday is a wonderful thing. It is a chance to relax, unwind, and have some fun as a family away from the stress and drama of homework and running around to get everyone out of the house in time for school and work.

After a tough year, a holiday is when you can really just enjoy your time as a family without having to be the disciplinarian, or the chef, or the chauffeur, or the homework genie, or all of these at once. You can just be a human being as well as a mother or a father.

Sometimes, what can stop us from going on that holiday is the cost. Things are not getting any cheaper and trying to save enough money to fly your family somewhere exotic like Mauritius can get a bit overwhelming. With Club Med and Air Mauritius, the cost of this works out lower than you think so you can take that dream holiday… and enjoy it knowing your all-inclusive package really is all-inclusive.

Children under 12 years old stay for free

Club Med offers two wonderful resort options in Mauritius, namely Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers and Club Med La Plantation d’Albion. If you book your all-inclusive family holiday to Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers in Grand Bay, Mauritius children under 12 years old stay free. Yes, you read that correctly. Children under the age of 12 years old stay free at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers in Mauritius.

Club Med’s holidays are all-inclusive which means that your accommodation, food, drinks, in-resort activities, Kids’ Clubs, and more are all included in your package price. The same applies for your children under the age of 12 who will stay for free with Club Med in Mauritius.

Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers is an ideal family holiday resort – it was recently refurbished to cater better to the needs of families with younger children. The resort is a four-trident getaway situated between the Indian Ocean and lush palm trees and tropical gardens.

The Kids’ Clubs cater for children and teenagers up to the age of 17. From daily itineraries to evening shows and more, your children will be entertained all day. Some of the itineraries for the younger children include pirate shows, children-only archery classes, children-only tennis group classes, children-only waterskiing group classes, and more. The children are also included in the evening shows and on one night in the week they put on a show for the rest of the Club Med village.

For adults, there is an adults-only Zen pool if you’d like somewhere to unwind while the children have fun with their new friends learning new skills. Or you can lounge by the pool. Or try archery yourself. Or maybe you’d like to go snorkelling… whatever takes your fancy, you can do it and enjoy it knowing your children are taken care of by experienced care givers in the Club Med G.O team (staff).

Children under 12 fly for free with Air Mauritius

Club Med has partnered with Mauritian airline Air Mauritius to help make your holiday dreams come true. Now you know that your children under the age of 12 stay for free with Club Med in Mauritius, the only thing left to sort out is how to get there. With Air Mauritius, children under the age of 12 fly for free.

That means you have free flights on Air Mauritius and free accommodation at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers for your children under the age of 12, so the only costs you need to worry about are the flights and accommodation for the adults in the family. Since the combination of the deals from Club Med and Air Mauritius have made the holiday more affordable, you may even be able to invite a grandparent or two to enjoy the holiday with you.

Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach, sipping on a cocktail while reading that book you’ve been trying to read or having some much-needed down time… Can you see it?

Speak to a Club Med sun specialist in the Travel Agency by Club Med so that you can make that dream holiday a reality. The agency is full-service so you can book your flights, airport transfers, and accommodation through the Travel Agency by Club Med.

Your whole family will come home from your holiday feeling reconnected and you will bring home more than memories since many of you will have newly-acquired skills in archery, snorkelling, stage performance, waterskiing, and more.

Book your holiday with Club Med and Air Mauritius today!