My spa treatment on Bintan Island

By Lethabo-Thabo Royds

Lethabo-Thabo Royds is a Club Med GM. She visited our Club Med Bintan Island village in Indonesia and here she shares her experience of visiting the spa.

I visited the Asian continent for the first time recently and I stayed at Club Med Bintan Island. What an experience. I was blown away by the resort when we arrived – it looks exactly like the photos! If you, like me, are a fan of spa treatments and their healing powers then the spa at Club Med Bintan Island is a must-try.

Usually, when I go for a massage I try to think of myself being in an amazing, relaxing location. This is usually an island paradise. With my spa treatment at Club Med Bintan Island, I was looking at an idyllic island location when I closed my eyes when the massage started and I was still there when I opened my eyes at the end of the massage – no imagination needed.

The setting

Club Med Bintan Island is idyllic. It’s set along the shores of the South China Sea with stretches of beautiful unobstructed sandy beaches. The Club Med team has set up places for you to sit back, read a book, and enjoy the view. Or you can leave your stuff there as you swim your way through the blue waters.

There are parts of the landscape that are covered in rocks. The architecture of the village ensures that your access to the sea is unobstructed at the less rocky parts. For example, the second resort restaurant (where you can have late meals) is built right near the sea but at the rockier section so you still have amazing mealtime views. Further along this route is the spa. I was blown away by the views from the spa and its architecture.

Walking to my treatment room. Photo courtesy of Lethabo-Thabo Royds

You walk into the spa and you are instantly relaxed. Between the spa music, the calming and friendly voices of the staff offering to assist you, and the views you feel like all your stresses have gone away even before your treatment begins. The way the spa has been built, I felt like the only people there were me, my therapist, and the team at the spa reception.

Professional staff

Good service goes a long way. Professional staff that know what they are doing is the winning combo to a great experience and the team at Club Med Bintan Island has this down. From the minute I visited the spa desk at the village reception to book my appointment to the minute I walked out of the spa, my whole experience was handled professionally and well. It helps that everyone was also really friendly and helpful.

The massage

Gosh. This massage was amazing! I had a back, neck, and shoulder massage that left all those parts of my body feeling completely relaxed. I had a whole treatment room to myself which emphasised the feeling of me being the only guest on this incredible island: it was just me and my friendly therapist. The soft music, the tropical smell of the treatment oils, and the massage skills of the therapist all contributed to a great, relaxing time.


Club Med holidays are all-inclusive. Many of the Club Med villages have world-class spas and the one on Bintan Island is no exception. The spa treatments are not included in your package price so it is an extra cost – a worthwhile one. At the time I was staying at the village, the spa was running a special on its treatments and I was able to get a good discount on my treatment. I would say that the prices are competitive, compared to similar spas in South Africa. Your Club Med package price does include food, drinks, accommodation, in-resort activities, evening shows and afterparties, and more. It’s great value.

So if you’re heading to Indonesia for an island holiday, I recommend booking yourself in at Club Med Bintan Island. While you are there, be sure to visit the spa desk at the resort reception or visit the spa itself to see what spa treatment (or two or three) will interest you. It’s so worth it!