Visit magnificent Cefalù

Located on the northern coast of Sicily, charming Cefalù offers visitors the best of both worlds. Beach lovers can find their joy along a lavish sandy beach while history and architecture buffs can find their joy walking Cefalù’s cobbled streets and exploring its magnificent ancient buildings.

Grab your sunscreen, hat, and a good book and make your way to the stunning beach. Settle yourself on a cosy spot on the golden sand as you take in the jewel-coloured sea ahead of you. Enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean after which you can dry yourself in the hot sun and just relax.

The small, thriving town boasts architecture such as the Cefalù Cathedral, and the Mandralisca Museum. Cefalú’s cathedrals form part of the Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalú and Monreale UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cathedral dates back to Norman times and the Mandralisca Museum is the former home of the baron Mandralisca. The museum currently houses art, a magnificent library, archaeological finds, and other valuables of the Mandralisca family.

La Rocca di Cefalù is one of the natural features that define this flourishing town. It stands imposingly over the village; put on your hiking shoes and climb it for spectacular views of life below and the enticing Mediterranean. Take some time to catch your breath, admire the stunning views, and capture a few fabulous photographs while you’re at the top.

Food is its very own attraction. Italy is often revered for its delicious food and with Cefalù being a port, you can feast on delicious Sicilian dishes made with sumptuous, fresh local fish. Choose from a number of well-appointed restaurants for your meals; be sure to find one meal to enjoy in the Piazza del Duomo where you can people-watch, and gaze at the towers of the cathedral, framed by La Rocca.

One of the best ways to explore Cefalù is by choosing Club Med Cefalù as your haven. This exclusive resort is new to the Club Med family and it is Club Med’s first 5-Trident resort in Europe. With this launch comes all the generous experiences you’ve come to associate with the brand’s Exclusive Collection such as concierge services, multiple restaurants with different atmospheres, sporting activities, spa, and many more luxuriant offerings.

One of the villas at our Cefalù resort

From Johannesburg you are looking at around 12-hours’ flight-time, including at least one stop (this being one of the quickest options). If you book directly with Club Med a transfer will await you at the airport in picturesque Palermo in Italy to take you to the luxurious resort.

You can book flights with a number of airlines including, but not limited to, South African Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Alitalia, and KLM.

South Africans do need to apply for visas to enter Italy; ensure you factor this into your trip planning.

Some of South Africa’s most-loved personalities recently spent time in Cefalù with Club Med, and their photos are bound to have you drooling over this spectacular destination.

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Here Johanna Mukoki shows us her amazing Club Med villa. Click on the play button and enjoy the tour:

Cefalù is one of Italy’s finest beach locations; it is a popular holiday destination for Europeans and it can quickly (and easily) become a favourite of yours, too.


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