Turn your kid into the ultimate mini traveller

Taking that much-deserved family holiday at any time of the year is both an exciting and in some cases a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are taking your little ones overseas for the first time. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think it is. Turning the little ones into mini travellers is easy.. And a lot of fun actually.

And we have lift off…
Most little ones get bored after being in a car for 15 mins, let alone on a flight on holiday.
So here’s how you get them to fly well.

1) Try choose a short-haul flight. Club Med has great resorts in Mauritius and it’s only a four-hour flight from SA. These resorts cater for families with great children’s facilities, planned family activities and best of all, children under 12 years stay and play for free at all Club Med Mauritius resorts.

2) Next, pack a little bag with games and their favourite toys to keep them busy on the flight. Avoid toys with little parts, as these will no doubt get lost.

3) Prepare them for what’s coming so that they don’t have a fright when they get on the plane, but instead hail over an air hostess for a juice instead – just like a pro traveller.

4) Lastly, keep ear drops at the ready as their little ears may get a little blocked at take-off leaving them a little niggly.

On foreign soil (beach sand)
In order to get into the mood before your holiday, learn and teach your little one to speak like a local. Because “ja” and “now-now” aren’t going to get you very far in Mauritius. And come on, there’s nothing cuter than a tot speaking foreign.

Club Med Kids Club

Here are a few basic French words and phrases you can teach your kids.

1) Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon
Bonjour | bong-zhoor

2) Good evening
Bonsoir | bong-swahr

3) Goodbye
Au revoir | oh rer-vwahr

4) Please
S’il vous plaît | seel voo play

5) Thank you
Merci | mair-see

And if you don’t think you can do the lingo justice, download a language app like https://en.duolingo.com/


Little memory makers

Now, because you haven’t paid for your little ones under 12 to stay at Club Med Mauritius, you can afford to spoil them a little with a digital camera. Nothing fancy, entry level will do just fine.

Use these basic camera techniques you can teach your kids (basic, because we don’t want them to outsmart their parents, now do we?)

1) Experimentation
Choose the object you want to shoot and then take pictures of it from various angles – high, low, far away and close up.

2) Do a background check
Teach your little one to take a look at what is in front and behind the object
you are taking a photo of. If there is anything disrupting the object (like a
palm frond “growing” out of the person’s head), move around so that your
object is clear.

3) Determine your point of interest
The best photos have interesting elements about them. Try and find a focal point and then think about how you are going to highlight it in the photograph. Get your little one to really think about this before pushing the shutter button.

4) Look at the pics together
Review the pics with your kiddies and give them positive reinforcement. Tell them where their photos are great and explain where they can improve next time. After all, they are little pros in the making.

A little something for everyone

One more thing, every mini traveller needs mini traveller luggage. And because you have saved on your holiday of course buy it for them and perhaps even spoil yourself a little too. Check out Samsonite’s range of suitcases suitable for big travellers as well as the mini travellers.

Bon Voyage!