The five essential to dos before hitting the slopes

The excitement of going on your first snow holiday is enough to make you feel like a kid at Christmas, waiting to open their gifts. But before you can board the plane to snow-capped mountains, there are a few things you need to do. And packing isn’t the most important.

Use the five steps below to ensuring that your dream holiday plans run smoothly.

1) Complete your booking

Payment of your deposit does not mean that your trip is confirmed, you will need to pay the entire booking amount in order to confirm your flights and accommodation.

Remember that you won’t be able to apply for a visa without your travel and accommodation confirmation documents.

Did you know that once you pay your deposit at Club Med, your payment is exchange-proof. Meaning that no matter what happens to the exchange rate, the final price of your holiday package won’t be affected?

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2) Make sure your passport is valid

You will need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least three months post arrival from your trip.

Your passport may not be older than ten years.

You also need at least two blank back-to-back pages in your passport.

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3) Applying for a visa

Applying for a visa should be done at least three months prior to travel and no less than a month before you’re due to leave.

Take two coloured ID photos with you for the application.

You will need to apply for your visa in person, so don’t try and send a representative.

You will also need to take your flight tickets and accommodation confirmation with you.

A letter from your employer stating your employment and return is essential.

Once you have applied for your visa, the visa office will contact you to let you know that you can collect your documentation.

For a seamless visa application, visit Capago, in a city near you.

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4) Make sure you have health and travel insurance

Health insurance is essential when travelling overseas – usually this is required when applying for a visa. Make sure that you are covered by your medical aid whilst travelling or take out additional cover if you aren’t.

Travel insurance isn’t compulsory but recommended when travelling. This covers the cost of losing your luggage and other items of value on your trip.

Did you know that your health and travel insurance is included when you book your all-inclusive Club Med holiday, so you don’t need to worry about any additional cover.

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5) Make sure you have money

Some banks require that you open up your credit or bank cards for international purchases. Check whether your bank requires this of you, as you don’t want to get caught without money, meaning you’ll have to leave that special souvenir behind.

Traveller’s checks and Forex can be purchased from the airport, keep checking the exchange rate to ensure that you are getting the best rate for your rand.

The only reason you’ll need any money on an all-inclusive Club Med holiday is to buy souvenirs or take any additional out-of-resort activities. The rest is all covered.

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