Skiing in April: Enjoy the slopes like a VIP


Every year it’s the same thing: the holidays swing by and all you can think about is making snow angels in the fluffy, white snow and flying down the slopes without a care in the world. Unfortunately, you’ve never made this dream become a reality (or you have, but you did it the DIY way – now why would you do that to yourself??) Lucky for you, that’s all about to change. This year is going to be different and you’re going to do whatever you can to make this once-in-a-lifetime ski holiday happen, either for the very first time, or again yet the right way this time round. The only thing left to do now is to decide when to go – and we’ve got just the answer for you.

Skiing in April is your golden travel ticket

Seasoned skiers and those in-the-know will be the first to tell you that if you’re looking to discover snow for the first time in particular, the best time to do that is during the month of April. Now before you shake your head and think “but that’s too late in the season”, just hear us out. For the savvy traveller embarking on a first-time ski holiday or one looking to do it again the all-inclusive way, going in April offers all the perks that come with a ski holiday, minus the crowds and with some sunshine thrown in as an added bonus. The end result: a brand new experience that is sure to put you on top of the world in a whole new way.

The best of both worlds

Hitting the slopes in April gives you a unique opportunity: you get the chance to discover the joys of skiing without the endless queues and over-crowded mountains. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice sunshine for snow. Newbies can learn how to ski, whilst seasoned pros can get their ski legs back, all the while catching some rays – what could be better? This is particularly great for first-timers as this way, you won’t have to battle against harsh elements while you master the art that is skiing, making the learning process that much more enjoyable first time round. As for returning skiers: you’ll get more of the mountain to yourself which will allow you to fit more skiing in than ever before, and all while basking in the sun’s gorgeous glow.


VIP treatment

Fewer crowds leave you with the freedom to learn how to ski in a less pressurised setting, plus you’re also likely to get extra special care from your ski instructor which can only boost those confidence levels. As a first-time skier, this extra bit of attention can make all the difference, getting you more comfortable with your gear and surroundings that much faster. You’ll also waste less time queueing for ski lifts, leaving you with more time to get some actual skiing done – something that benefits all levels of skiers. At the end of the day, it will feel like a VIP experience – and who could ask for more as a rookie skier or as a returning pro?



Post-slopes delights

Never fear – the fun won’t stop once the sun sets either. The night brings out a whole different side to the snowy wonderland, one which is there to be enjoyed just as much as your time on the slopes. Think roaring fireplaces that keep you toasty while you sip on some mulled wine and nibble on an assortment of pastries and crêpes. Famously known as après-ski, these post-slopes festivities are the perfect way to end off an active day of skiing with some good old-fashioned socialising, relaxing and even partying.


Knowing when you should plan your ski adventure for is half the battle – the other is remembering that it’s best to consider going to high altitude resorts as these are the places that will have enough decent snow well into the month of May. Luckily, there are many resorts in the French Alps that will be able to accommodate you and your crew, so to avoid disappointment, make sure you book early. Lastly, when all that’s left to do is get your hands on some quality skiing gear to get you started or add to your growing collection, look no further than Gone Skiing – you’ll be sure to find all you need.

Now, are you ready for a skiing experience to remember?


All images courtesy of Club Med.