More than just a holiday: How you can travel in style

The prevalence of internet and social media interaction means travelling has turned into a seamless experience where the traveller can be treated to a hassle-free trip. Not only that, but the customer can interact online, in real time, to book flights, accommodation and activities, often in one all-inclusive package – travel and style are no longer mutually exclusive. At the recent Travel and Style conference held by Club Med, findings showed that the public’s idea of travel is evolving. 54 percent stated that holidays are for relaxing and getting away from it all which was emphasised by the 60 percent of travellers who prefer resort holidays.


Travellers now choose organisations and packages that suit their lifestyle. Club Med offers you all-inclusive holidays where your needs and desires are all part of the package. No matter if you’re a ski slopes addict or a beach lounger, their all-inclusive holidays mean you won’t have to lift a finger and can experience everything you’d need in a getaway at one reasonable price – including activities, meals, transport and excursions. In addition, less accessible countries are now made easier to travel


to with Club Med’s packages that offer trips to all the most exotic locations. We found a few tips to ensure an efficient travelling experience when you embark on your holiday, all so you can merge travel with style effortlessly.

Minimise the hassle

Here are a few things to consider that will ensure your travel experience is not only stylish, but effortless and hassle-free too:


The last thing you need is your luggage letting you down while hauling it through the airport. By investing in a large, durable suitcase, you can save yourself the frustration of dealing with limited space – just make sure your luggage adheres to the airline’s weight restrictions (packing light is the way forward). Samsonite is a recommended brand that offers stylish, well-made luggage that will last you many amazing trips. In addition to your suitcase, a sturdy backpack is also a must and a good one will have several different pockets in which you’ll be able to secure your items like toiletries and travel documents. Genuine leather is always a preferred material for a travel bag, as its softness allows for it to be easily meshed into storage spaces. Lastly, always ensure your luggage is secure – if you can’t cling wrap your suitcase at the airport, make sure you have it locked.


What would we do without our smartphones? They have revolutionised travel on-the-go with apps that help make the trip less of a chore and more of an adventure. Some popular travel apps include: WeatherPro, XE Currency and Sunscreen. Your smartphone can definitely help you travel in style, but be sure to switch it off for a bit so you can enjoy utter relaxation.

Tips and tricks

Other ways to make your adventure stress-free:

  • Check in online and miss the queues
  • Use a Polaroid camera for on-the-go photos that give you instant memories (it doesn’t get more convenient that that!). We suggest the Instax mini 8 from Fujifilm.
  • Book into a travel lounge for comfort and entertainment while you wait
  • Learn a few key phrases if you’re visiting a foreign country so you can fit right in and get on with the locals from the moment you set foot off the plane.




Combine convenience and luxury

All you really want is to get away from it all and escape to a destination where you can receive the luxury you crave. According to the most recent Travel and Style conference held by Club Med: “77 percent of us consider convenience crucial to a stylish travel experience. Everything we need and want must be within reach and Club Med fans know that’s what you get with us!”



No matter if you choose an exhilarating ski trip or idyllic beach escape to the sun and sand, ensure you pick the package where the only thing you need to worry about is catching your plane. Travelling today means that you can give yourself the gift of stress-free holidays. More and more people are gravitating toward resort holidays to fit in with their lifestyles and meet their need for affordable, stylish getaways.


Club Med: Where travel and style are one

Envision yourself in an exotic location where you get the best in accommodation, service and activities without having to worry about the language barrier, getting lost or even having to take out your wallet. With Club Med, you can experience an all-inclusive getaway, organised and prepared up to your standards with your relaxation in mind. Now that’s #travelandstyle!


All images courtesy of Club Med.

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