What’s the best vacation destination for you?

Nothing is more exciting than planning a holiday. For many South Africans, the thought of going anywhere in Europe can be overwhelming because of the exchange rate.

However, by selecting an all-inclusive package, you’ll just have to pay one price for unlimited indulgence. Being able to pack up and go on an adventure to another country is always exciting, but it can be difficult to decide where your vacation destination should be.

Are you a creature of habit who likes a certain kind of holiday, or are you perhaps willing to try something new like snowboarding to surfing? Either way, there’s no denying the fact that finding a suitable destination is half the effort of planning a getaway.

Everyone has different preferences, but to narrow it down for you, we’ve compiled a list of all-inclusive options for every kind of traveller. Should you be travelling with the whole family, be sure to check if these destinations have Kids Clubs so that the little ones will be entertained too.


For the adventure-seeker


If you love adventure and you’re looking for a holiday that brings excitement to your life, why not try a skiing or snowboarding holiday at Club Med’s Val Thorens resort in France? It will make for a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience, not to


mention one that is stress-free and affordable – two things that an all-inclusive package allows. All you need to remember to do is pack a thick pair of gloves and thermal sleepwear.


For the shopping enthusiast


A bit of retail therapy never hurt anyone. If you enjoy shopping, you’ll love the colourful market places of Marrakech in Morocco. While the flight there may be a long one, it’s completely worth it, just for the vibrant markets alone. Traditionally called souks, they provide a memorable shopping experience unlike any other, where you can buy anything from local delicacies to beautiful clothing and jewellery.


For those wanting to submerge themselves in a different culture


As one of the most fast-paced countries in the world, China has a lot to offer tourists. If you love experiencing new things, why not consider a holiday on Dong’ao Island? With the perfect balance between relaxation and cultural activities, it’s the ideal destination for travellers who are looking to submerge themselves in a different culture. Furthermore, its beautiful coastline makes for the perfect place to spend those lazy days, when all you want to do is just lounge on the beach. Dong’ao Island really is the best of both worlds.


For the sun-seekers


Phuket, Thailand is without a doubt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world – and for good reason. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for sun-seekers looking to relax on a pristine beach while sipping a cocktail and working on their tans. It’s absolute paradise and will make for a holiday you won’t soon forget.



For the nature lovers


Brazil is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and its natural surroundings are no different. Home to the Mata Atlantica, a forest that boasts a level of biodiversity on par with that of the Amazon, it’s the perfect destination for travellers who enjoy spending time outdoors while marvelling at Mother Nature’s unbelievable creations.


For the history buffs


It’s a well-known fact that Turkey has a rich history dating back several centuries and it’s also home to some of the world’s most impressive landmarks and coastlines. If you do end up

going to Turkey, be sure to visit the city of Bodrum. Its Aegean coastline is the perfect place for history buffs, particularly those with a softspot for Homer’s The Odyssey, as well as for those seeking a little adventure or days spent relaxing on the beach.


No matter what your preferences may be, there is a whole world out there that needs exploring. Wherever your feet take you, just have fun, enjoy your holiday. And always remember that there’s no such thing as too much travel.


All images are courtesy of Club Med.

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