Spend Christmas with Club Med

The Festive Season is a special time. For most of us it’s a time to rest, recharge, and spend time with family and loved ones. Plus, it’s great to be able to relax while you’re on leave knowing you probably won’t get calls from the office because most people will be on leave as well.

It is also a great time to go away on an international holiday so that you really can relax or try out fun activities. You can experience some amazing locations, sleep in, try out activities like skiing or snorkelling, and eat without having to cook the food or do the dishes afterwards (or even lay the table). Let us paint a picture for you of what your family or couple’s holiday in the sun or the snow could look like.

A sunny Christmas with Club med
Merry Christmas!


Wake up to a warm, sunny day in paradise without a noisy or annoying alarm. You can ease into your day by switching on the tv in your room or get active by going for a run or walk. Shower at your leisure with hot water (not lukewarm because everyone else showered first) and take a leisurely stroll to breakfast. Hear the birds in the trees and smell the sea air as you walk through a tropical wonderland.

As you arrive in a dining room filled with delicious-smelling food you find a seat, order some drinks, and then take a walk and select some tasty dishes from around the world to enjoy for breakfast.

A sunny Christmas with Club Med
We take Christmas very seriously so prepare for lots of Christmasy fun!

After breakfast, you can take a walk on the beach, sit on a lounger, go sailing or snorkelling, play volleyball, or return to your room for a nap. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch and find a new activity to do for the remainder of the afternoon or return to your book on your lounger by the sea.

After a day of doing whatever you want, you head back to your room to shower and change for dinner. Enjoy another delicious meal and then find a seat at the theatre ahead of a new, different show. After the show, you head to the bar for a cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on what you prefer) and then the party begins. You hear the music fill the air, you see your fellow guests dancing and you join in the fun for as long or as little as you like.

A sunny Christmas with Club Med
What could be better than a sunny Christmas with your family and ours?

You head to bed when you’re ready and get some rest. Wake up the next day and repeat or try something new.


Wake up to a crisp winter morning and fresh powdery snow falling on the majestic Alps around you. You can rise with the sun or your natural body clock. You spring up and get yourself ready for a day on the slopes. After you’ve showered and put on your layers, you head to breakfast where a delicious buffet awaits you.

After getting some sustenance you go and join your group for a skiing or snowboarding lesson either to learn how to do it or to refresh your memory from your last snow trip. You all hit the slopes directly from your resort (one of the benefits of a ski-in and ski-out resort) and you feel the air whip past you as you make your way down the mountain at your own pace. You get to the bottom of the slope and look up at the incline you have just conquered.

A snowy Christmas with Club Med
Cheers to Christmas on the Alps!

You take the ski lift up and do it all over again until you’re tired or need a bite to eat. After eating you can warm up with some Gluwein or hot chocolate and then conquer a new slope. If you’re feeling adventurous you one to try one slightly more difficult than the one before. If you’re done skiing for the day you can head back into the resort for some snacks, some chill time, or a spa treatment.

In the late afternoon you see and hear your friendly G.Os inviting you to join in for après-ski fun.

A snowy Christmas with Club Med
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

After a day of icy fun, you head back to your room to shower and change for dinner. After dinner you enjoy the show, and then its party time. You party as late as you can handle before heading to bed exhausted from a day well-spent.

Wake up the next day and repeat or try out some different activities or a stroll through a quaint mountain village.

Festive week with Club Med

Over Christmas Club Med’s sun and snow villages transform into a very merrily decorated holiday haven. Children and adults alike can see Santa, spread festive cheer, and enjoy seasonal and festive dishes like cakes and tarts. Adults can actually take part in the festivities and relax knowing the Christmas meal is under control. Whatever you do around the Club Med village you will experience it with an extra special Christmasy touch.

Christmas is a special time and at Club Med we want to make it as special as possible for you

When you want to spend some family time you can and when the children are tired of family time they can have fun with their new friends at the Kids’ Club.

You can toast a new year with your family in an amazing location and actually get to enjoy the festivities because you don’t have tables to lay, food to cook, and dishes to wash. You can just arrive for dinner, eat, and leave.

For families Club Med offers childcare; family arts and crafts so you can get creative with your family; and tasty activities like family picnics, pancake parties, and baking workshops. Learn about all the family activities here. These are all included in your All-Inclusive Club Med package!

A sunny Christmas with Club Med
Let the children meet Santa in a new environment

As part of your Club Med package you will enjoy gourmet food, all-day snacks, an open bar, in-resort activities, ski or snowboard lessons, evening entertainment, and Club Med parties.

Speak to a sun or snow specialist at the Travel Agency by Club Med today to book all your flights, transfers, and accommodation.