Seven reasons to spend a snow holiday in the Asian Mountains

When it comes to taking a snow holiday most of us think of the Alps as the first choice, right? While the Alps do offer magnificent snow holidays, don’t discount snow holidays in Asia. The skiing Chinese population is on the incline and Japan boasts amazing cultural attractions including an ice festival.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider spending your next snowy holiday in the Asian mountains.

1. Snow

In a country where we don’t get much snow, if any, seeing snow is an attraction all on its own. We’ve seen the movies and pictures and we’ve read the books but there is nothing like experiencing snow for ourselves. Whether it’s your first time in the snow or your tenth time, you will be amazed by the snow. Besides enjoying winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, you can make snow angels, have snowball fights, make a snowman or snowwoman, and so much more!

2. It’s something new and different

Many of us know about the French Alps and what you can do there in winter but what about what you can do in Asia in winter? You’ll get all the fun of the snow and winter sports, as you do in the Alps in Europe, but you’ll also get the appeal of Asia. From the food to the culture, you’ll get a snow holiday with a difference. Plus, it’s somewhere different to the well-known Alps.

3. Japan

Japanese culture has fascinated many non-Japanese people for generations. From the history of the Samurai to the delicious Japanese dishes so many of us enjoy today. Japan is also remarkable in how well ancient traditions are preserved and seem to co-exist with modern life. On a snow holiday in Japan you can learn to ski, enjoy some hot sake, and learn more about this fascinating country, her traditions, and her people.

Snowboarding in Japan with Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido

3. Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the home of the Sapporo Snow and Ice festival and the Blue Pond – two incredible Japanese attractions. While the Blue Pond can be seen all year round, seeing it in winter is something really special – it looks like something out of a mythical story. The Sapporo Snow and Ice festival is one of the most popular festivals in Japan with chilly attractions including ice sculptures and frozen stages.

4. China

From the Great Wall to pandas, China is a land of many attractions. It also has an interesting history with some arguing that China is the birthplace of skiing. So, why shouldn’t you learn to ski or perfect your ski skills in the birthplace of the sport? Plus, you’ll get to enjoy real Chinese food and see places like the Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo in Jilin Province.

5. A long season

In the north of China you can enjoy a fairly long ski season, which runs from about mid-November to late March, giving you many chances to explore the snow and enjoy the winter. Yabuli, in the north east of China, is the largest ski resort in the country offering ski runs for beginners and experts alike making it one of the best places to make the most of the long season.

6. Sacred mountains

Mount Fuji in Japan is one of the country’s most sacred mountains…and the tallest. While dormant it is a volcanic mountain and one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The natural volcanic features caused after eruptions are spiritual sites and many take pilgrimages up the mountain. In China Mount Emei is also one of the most sacred mountains and it, too, is one of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is on the summit of Mount Emei that China’s first Buddhist temple was built.  If you feel up to it, you can climb Mount Emei on foot which will take you about two days.

Seeing both mountains in winter is a must – Mount Fuji is beautifully snow-capped and the gold statues on Mount Emei are beautifully contrasted by the white snow.

Learning to ski with the skilled Club Med instructors at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido

Where to stay

Head to Asia for a wonderful snow holiday exploring the region and its icy white powder. The best way to do this is to choose a full-service travel agency and go for an all-inclusive package. This will ensure that you can avoid some costly surprises while you’re trying to enjoy your holiday.

If you take an All-Inclusive Club Med snow holiday your ski and snowboard lessons, among many other things, are included. We have four fabulous resorts in Japan and China. In Japan you can choose from two resorts on Hokkaido island, which is known for its snow and exciting outdoor activities. You’ll also be able to enjoy some world-famous Wagu beef. Yum! Stay at Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido or Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido for your Japanese winter holiday.

In China you can choose to stay at Club Med Yabuli in the famous Yabuli ski resort or you can stay at Club Med Beidahu in the picturesque Jilin province. Jilin is known for its natural beauty so why not get to see it yourself as you learn to ski or snowboard with accredited English-speaking instructors?

The Travel Agency by Club Med is full-service making it easy for you to book and pay for your holiday. Our snow specialists can book your flights, your airport transfers, your accommodation, and your ski hire leaving you to worry only about what to pack.

Book that magical snow holiday today!