Why I love travelling with Club Med, a discussion with Augustine Masilela-Chuene

All photos courtesy of Augustine Masilela-Chuene

Augustine Masilela-Chuene has been a Club Med GM for over 20 years. She has travelled extensively with Club Med. “I’ve stayed with Club Med around the globe. I love the offering and over the years I have recommended it to all my friends,” she says.

She is a successful businesswoman, mother, wife, sister, aunt, and friend. She has just returned from a fantastic family holiday with a large group of friends who came along with their husbands and children at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius so we caught up with her to hear about why she loves Club Med so much.

Augustine was crowned Miss South Africa First Princess in 1992 and then went on to represent South Africa in 1995 at Miss Universe where she was in the top 10. It is through this competition that she was first introduced to Club Med. Since then she has been a loyal GM for over 20 years!

Enjoying a boat ride in Mauritius

“I have travelled extensively with Club Med,” she says. “They were a sponsor [of the competition] and I won a trip to Mauritius for two, which I went on with my mom,” she shares with us about her time at the Miss Universe competition and her introduction to Club Med.

“My first Club Med was La Pointe aux Canonniers in Mauritius,” she recalls. Since then she has visited a number of resorts with her family. She has been to over 10 resorts with Club Med, namely:

She has also visited Cuba, and Egypt with Club Med although some of these resorts are no longer in existence. In total, she has been to over ten resorts and over 8 countries with Club Med for some fantastic all-inclusive holidays.

All smiles at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

Why do you keep travelling with Club Med?

“We love Club Med because of the ambiance and the activities are great for both young and old. Our kids have been going from when they were born until now…and they are 18, 15 and 12 years old now,” she says. 

She highlights that the GOs, Club Med’s all-inclusive nature, and the quality of food all contribute to a fantastic holiday.

“The interaction with the GOs is refreshing because you can go there alone but you will always have someone to talk to or hang out with. The all-inclusive idea appeals to us because you literally don’t spend more than you have paid except for those extra things you want to do.”

The pool at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

Of the food she says: “The standard of their chefs and cooking is of superior quality; it’s not just mass catering. You actually eat gourmet meals every day during your stay.”

“There is never a dull moment at Club Med due to their parties and different themes every night,” she says of the vibe at the resorts. 

Club Med works for different types of travellers from solo travellers to groups. Augustine has enjoyed travelling with Club Med at the different stages in her life. “I’ve gone there with my mom; my husband on our honeymoon; my newly born babies; my family; my friends; and I’ve also had a mommy/kids holiday with one lady friend.

Augustine’s friend enjoys some reconnection time at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

‘We keep going back to Club Med because we love their business model. It’s easier to budget for and you know that once you pay everything is sorted: food, drinks, kids’ club, parties, water sports…everything. It’s a one-stop destination that keeps you entertained throughout the day and you can never go hungry due to the number of restaurants they have in each Club Med resort.”

Augustine says she loves the rewards programme because of the added benefits you get.

“We also enjoy the fact that you can get points for all your Club Med travels and bookings. This allows you to get room upgrades when you check in depending on your tier.”

The ladies all dressed up for the themed “All White Party” at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius
The gentlemen all dressed up for the themed “All White Party” at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius

How do you find the booking process with Club Med

“Booking with Club Med is easy too because they are prompt with responses even if you request a quote online. I like booking directly with their office at Design Quarter in Fourways. The space is inspiring; it makes you feel like going on holiday all the time.

‘I have introduced quite a lot of my friends to Club Med and they have also enjoyed it because it makes so much sense to anyone who budgets for holidays and school. Also, the discount packages are very helpful as long as you take advantage of them and register when they come out. The airport transfers are also a huge saving because they take care of all your luggage from the time you land until you leave. They just make holidaying a breeze.

We even enjoy it more now that our kids have grown.”

Of the activities available for the children she says: “We never see them at the resort until meal times; they get busy with their activities instead of sitting around with iPads.”

Augustine and her husband Bally enjoy a delicious dinner at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

What’s your next Club Med holiday? 

“We are aiming for the Alps again because our kids love skiing and they have requested that we do the slopes again. We have already made enquiries for the French Alps – either there or the Italian Alps,” she says.

Of the vibe and atmosphere at Club Med she says: “We always remember each Club Med we go to because they have unique music which becomes their signature beat and you find it in every Club Med all over the world. I think that’s awesome because you can identify with the music and the dances that go with it. The GOs are the best: gorgeous, super fit, and personable. They inspire you to be your best. Even when you return home you want to exercise and look as good as they do.”

She concludes our discussion by saying: “Club Med has a great business model indeed!”

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