Exclusive collection: Luxury villas

As you turn the page of your book all you can hear is the movement of the sea as it splashes on the sandy shore just ahead of you. You can feel the hot sun warming you up as you lie back and take in the luxurious beauty around you. Aaah. Paradise.

Or perhaps, your idea of paradise is feeling the hot sun warming the back of your head as your eyes look through googles at fascinating marine life such as tropical fish, turtles, and coral reefs. You slowly move your arms and legs to get a better view of a school of beautifully coloured fish going about their business.

The adults-only zen pool at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

Or better yet, perhaps it’s that feeling you have as your heart rate pumps while you try to balance your full body weight on a paddle board while also trying to paddle across the jewel-coloured waters below you. Or maybe, it’s all of these and more. Paradise is a feeling, a feeling you get in an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean… like the Maldives or Mauritius.

The Maldives

Think: island, the warm Indian ocean, diversity, food, fun, watersports, and paradise. The Maldives are a group of natural atolls located southwest of Sri Lanka and India and about 1 0000 or so kilometres from the Asian continent.

This island nation is known for its beautiful blue waters, water sports, and enjoys a fantastic tropical climate; with tropical temperatures usually between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius, you can understand why.

The dry season is usually between November and April; and the wet season is between May and October. January to April gets busy as this is generally considered the best time to visit as it is usually drier than the rest of the year. Paradise? Absolutely. Picture yourself sipping on a signature Maldivian cocktail after a busy day jet skiing, tanning, or doing absolutely nothing.


As the fog in your brain clears after an afternoon nap, you can hear people nearby speaking French. You open your eyes onto one of the most beautiful ocean views you have ever seen. You are just four hours away from South Africa on the island paradise of Mauritius.

As South Africans, we love Mauritius! And why shouldn’t we? The people are friendly, the Creole food is divine, and the scenery is idyllic. The country has a rich sugar cane history which means you can explore a rum distillery where you can learn how rum is made from sugar cane and sample some local rums (or jams for the non-drinkers). It also means that nature lovers have plenty of lush greenery to explore: think mountain walks, picnics, and a little bird watching. Paradise? Check. Can you see yourself saying “merci” as someone hands you a cocktail to sip or a volleyball to serve towards your friends on the other side of the net?

Where to stay

The Maldives

The Club Med Finolhu villas are something out of a luxury travel magazine. Stay in a sunset or sunrise overwater villa where you can literally slip into your own section of the ocean right outside your private patio area. If you’d like less salty water, take a dip in your private pool overlooking the ocean.

Breakfast views at a Club Med Kani villa in the Maldives

Each of the villas has its own private outdoor bath or shower as well as a private terrace or balcony, sofa, and much more amenities to make your stay luxurious. Imagine yourself waking up leisurely one morning, strolling to your private view of the vast ocean, and starting the day with a cup of coffee (or tea) seated on your sofa overlooking the crystal water ahead of you. Paradise. You can also choose to stay in a beach villa if the overwater villa isn’t for you.

Views of an overwater villa at Club Med Kani in the Maldives


The Club Med Albion villas are perfect luxury for families. You have a pool to yourselves and the children can have their own room. You can splash around the pool playing marco polo without having to worry about crashing into other people as you try to find the rest of your team with your eyes closed.

A quiet evening at a private pool at a Club Med Albion villa in Mauritius

Ask your private chef to prepare your favourite meal and the butler to serve drinks through dinner for a sublime family meal. The next day you can all enjoy a customised excursion exploring the island or another day in your private pool.

Golf lovers have free, unlimited access to the 18-hole Tamarina golf course. The children can spend time exploring the resort and its activities with the Club Med kids’ clubs while parents are golfing, relaxing, scuba diving, having a spa treatment, or doing whatever it is you want to do.

Golfing with Club Med in Mauritius

By staying at a Club Med Exclusive Collection private villa in either the Maldives or Mauritius you can enjoy your private slice of paradise. You’ll enjoy such exclusivity you’ll almost forget that there are other people nearby.

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