Grecian delights

Greece: the country that gave us the epic tales of Hera, Zeus, and various gods and goddesses. Ancient Greece has inspired many and contemporary Greece continues to delight us. While it’s great to go to a good Greek restaurant, attend a Greek celebration, or read about Greece, it’s far better to immerse yourself in the culture and nature of it.

Greece is rich with historical attractions, fascinating culture, striking surroundings (both natural and man-made), and tasty food. Located in south eastern Europe, Greece is comprised of thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Evia, also known as Euboea, is the second largest island in Greece. It is home to monasteries, pine forests, waterfalls, beaches, a place translated as “Dragon houses”, and the wonderful four-trident Club Med Gregolimano resort.

The Club Med Gregolimano village is set along a secluded beach with olive trees behind it. Beachgoers can relax on the secluded beach while nature lovers can swing in a hammock reading a book or marvelling at the forest around them. The island also boasts rich history, the hot springs of Edipsos, and fantastic activities such as diving, hiking, and cycling – all of which can be easily arranged with the help of the Club Med GO team.

A must-see on the island is the movement of the waters from the old Chalkida bridge – they change direction every six or so hours. There’s nothing quite like seeing the phenomenon known as the “crazy waters” for yourself. There are a number of scientific reasons for this such as the moon and differences in sea level which all make it seem less “crazy” and more scientific. But it’s still worth a visit, whether you’re after the crazy or the science.

Boat ride, anyone?

While Greece is admired for its beautiful and varied beaches, a large portion (about 80%) of it consists of mountains and hills which means nature-lovers have plenty to explore, too.

Adventurers and historians will love:

  • Exploring almost 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Meteora, where monasteries were built on particularly precipitous peaks
  • Exploring ancient sites such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Corfu town
  • Hiking and spelunking (caving) through the mountains
  • Mountain biking
  • Exploring the land on horseback

Culture-lovers and gastronomers will love:

  • Sampling local delights at cafés
  • Exploring archaeological sites and Byzantine churches in Peloponnese
  • The multicultural Thessalonki which has Greek, Balkan, Turkish, and Jewish influences and some trendy food spots
  • The impact of history and tradition in places such as Corfu and Crete
  • Chios for its still evident medieval history and mastic – a resin originally produced in Chios

Club Med Gregolimano is ideal for families and couples alike. Families will love the kids’ clubs which cater for children and teenagers, ensuring that each child has a fun, age-appropriate schedule. We are big on helping families reconnect with each other; there is plenty to do as a family at our Gregolimano village besides eating meals together.

Couples will love the sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and the spa.

Whether you are travelling as a family or as a couple, our in-resort activities such as learning the flying trapeze, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, archery, and more will keep you busy and exploring the delights of Greece. Our excursions also help you see more of the country including the various historical and natural attractions we’ve mentioned.

Depending on the airline and number of stops, a flight to Athens from South Africa can take between 14 hours and 20 hours with at least one stop. You could go to sleep flying over South Africa and wake up in Greece…and stay within the same time zone. Goodbye, jet lag!

Picture this: walking ancient cobbled streets, marvelling at the Acropolis in Athens, delighting at the magnificent blues of the Aegean Sea from Santorini, eating fresh seafood in Mykonos, asking advice from the oracle at Delphi – a UNESCO World Heritage site – and more. Can you picture it?

Now book it so you can stop picturing it and live it! Speak to one of our sun experts for a quote and booking for your all-inclusive Greek holiday. Our agency is well-equipped to help you book everything for your holiday including your flights and transfers to our wonderful Club Med Gregolimano village in Greece.