11 reasons to book your snow holiday with Club Med

Snow; one of nature’s marvels. Here are 11 great reasons to book a snow holiday in which you can experience this magnificent natural occurrence.

1. You can experience snow

You can step foot in centimetres of an icy powder-looking substance many South Africans only see in movies and tv shows. In the snow you can make snowballs, create snow angels by lying in the snow and flapping your arms and legs, ski, and snowboard. If you’re feeling confident, you or your children can actually sing “Let it Go” like Elsa did in Frozen, complete with throwing the icy stuff ahead of you. What about standing in the snow singing Dean Martin’s “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”?

2. You can learn to ski or snowboard

If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, the Club Med ski and snowboard schools can help you rectify that on your snow holiday with us. Each of our holidays is all-inclusive which means that when you holiday with us you can pay for your package and not worry about any unexpected costs while you’re away. At our snow resorts, the ski and snowboard school lessons are included in your package so there’s no reason you can’t learn to master the slopes.

You’ll also enjoy an extra confidence boost with the sense of pride that comes with learning something new. You’ll go home with an unforgettable experience and great stories to tell.

3. Après-ski is a thing

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or you are just starting out, you know what après-ski is and you know it’s a great, fun part of the ski culture. If you’ve never been skiing before, let us tell you that après-ski is a thing. It’s basically the thing you do after a day of skiing; hang out with other skiers, have a drink, and chat about the slopes, life, and everything else.

Enjoying a drink at the bar after a great day of skiing with Club Med Val Thorens Sensations in France

If you stay with us your après-ski includes fun games to play as you return from your afternoon ski session. We also have evening entertainment and an after-party each evening so you will always have opportunities to have fun.

4. You get a great workout doing winter sports while having fun

Fitness fanatics and medical doctors can tell you all about the benefits of exercise. They also tell you about how good you feel after a workout. Let us tell you about the amazing adrenalin rush that comes with Alpine skiing. Yes, you get the medical benefits of it but there’s nothing quite like rushing down a mountain as the wind whips across your face and your heart pounds in your chest.

You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had and you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget that you’re actually getting a workout.

5. There’s nothing like those views in the Alps

Connect with mother nature in all her glory. With how busy our lives can get, we can forget that we are one small part of a larger ecosystem. A snow holiday exploring the mountains is a great way to remind ourselves that, sometimes, our problems aren’t as big as they seem and that life is an incredible thing.

Epic Alpine views near Club Med Les Arcs Panorama in France

The views from the Alps are, quite simply, breathtaking. They can literally take your breath away when you set your eyes on those majestic mountains and the kilometres and kilometres of snow that covers them each day.

6. Reconnect with your family

A holiday is the perfect way to reconnect with your family after a busy time. You can spend quality time together exploring the slopes via Nordic walk, ski, or snowboard. More importantly, without the rush of work and school you have the time to sit together and talk. We don’t always have time for this but it is a necessity for any relationship; taking time to connect.

7. It’s great for couples

Couples will love the opportunities to do things together that a snow holiday presents; you can swim together in an indoor heated pool, get couples’ spa treatments in a duo treatment room, ski, snowboard, walk, and just sit quietly in each other’s company. You and your partner will love the opportunities for you to connect on a snow holiday.

8. You could have a snowy Christmas

Many, many singers have shared their dreams of a white Christmas because in much of Europe, North America, and Asia December is winter. In Africa, December is when we enjoy brilliant, hot, bright summer days. Why not try something different and spend Christmas in a snowy region? At Club Med we make sure that your Christmas with us is extra special; from celebrations and gifts to our excellent service and facilities, it really is “the most wonderful time of the year”.

9. It’s affordable

A holiday away is a real treat. It can also get quite pricey when you’ve booked your accommodation and flights, and arrive at the resort still needing to pay for drinks, food, resort activities, and maybe even ski lessons. Stay with us and all the above, and more, is included. That’s correct. When we say we offer you all-inclusive holidays we mean it.

10. Comfort food

As you read that subheading we’re sure your brain conjured up some delicious warm food and drinks. Can you smell that hot chocolate as it steams its way out of the cup? Are you salivating over that melty, delicious cheese in the fondue as you swirl a piece of bread in the bowl? Can you feel the heat of the fresh crêpe as the chef flips it out of the pan? Now, live it at any of our snow resorts where the crêpes are freshly made every day by one of our chefs and they are waiting for you in the late afternoon after a great day of skiing. The crêpes are just the beginning: there’s plenty more delicious food waiting for you.

Delicious, warm pizza at Club Med Pragelato in Italy

11. Meet new people

There are so many opportunities to meet new people: in the ski lifts, on the slopes before you put your newly-acquired or long-held ski skills to the test, during après-ski as you have a drink or play a few games, at one of our afterparties, or around the resort as our GOs help you find your way around.

Book your next snow holiday with a snow expert today.