Melinda Bam and Adriaan Bergh visit Finolhu

TV personality and former Miss South Africa Melinda Bam and her husband businessman and former Mr South Africa Adrian Bergh visited our 5-trident Finolhu villas in the Maldives. To say they had a great time would be an understatement.

The couple celebrated their honeymoon in the Maldives so the location is a special one for them. The resort is also eco-friendly.

Club Med Finolhu villas is nestled on the private, beautifully preserved island of Gasfinolhu in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Our  ecologically conscious Maldives all-inclusive resort is surrounded by natural splendour at every turn.

The resort uses solar power through solar panels designed to fit seamlessly into the resort. Rather than trying to hide the panels, the walkways have been constructed to allow the panels to form the roof. The panels are only noticeably visible from the air; when a guest is walking from their private beach to the central area, the panels are barely visible.

Producing over 1 megawatt of electricity each day, the resort is fully powered by renewable energy and 100% off the grid. Enough energy is harnessed by the sun so that surplus electricity is stored for use on overcast weather days. Coupled with a desalination plant that produces fresh water, the island is a model to be emulated for eco-resorts.

The resort offers a range of activities including snorkelling. The joy of having a private villa is that you have sections of the ocean all to yourselves and the marine life that live in the ocean. It is a perfect retreat for couples.

To see more magical photos from the couple’s time at Club Med Finolhu villas, visit their Instagram pages.

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