Where to go for a digital detox

In our increasingly connected world, it gets harder and harder to just unplug. This often results in many of us saying how much we need a “digital detox”. While we may promise ourselves a digital detox, how many of us actually do it?

A holiday in an amazing location is a great reason to switch your phone off and just relax. However, the beauty of the destinations may inspire you to take photos so perhaps, keep your phone on but, in flight mode.

Below is some holiday inspiration, a little off the beaten track, to get you packing for an exotic locale and enjoying a refreshing digital detox in some incredible locations.

Balmy Bahamas

Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Cuba and Miami, the islands of the Bahamas offer rich natural beauty in the Caribbean. Bahamians are laid-back and friendly making it easy for you to strike up a conversation and connect with someone new.

Around 700 islands make up this archipelago; choose one, or more, of these islands as your digital detox destination. Visit any of the islands for some incredible attractions such as Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama island, or Watling’s Blue Hole and Graham’s Harbour Iguana & Seabird National Park on San Salvador. In and around the cays on San Salvador you will see more species of nesting sea birds than on any other Bahamian island.

Set against the Atlantic sea and white sandy beaches, Club Med Columbus Isle is a 4-trident resort and a great place to anchor yourself when exploring the Bahamas. The resort boasts three bars, two restaurants, well-appointed rooms, and the signature Club Med vibe. Among a large number of activities, you can marvel at sea life at one of 20 scuba diving spots; learn archery; get a massage; water ski; and kayak.

Club Med Columbus Isle

The distance from South Africa to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, means that you are in for a long-haul flight but what awaits you on the other side is well-worth it.

Getting there: You are likely to have two stops on your trip to San Salvador as you need to stop in Nassau, the Bahamian capital, before going on to San Salvador. Book your flights and accommodation with us and your resort transfers are included. 

Languages: The official language is English. You will likely hear many locals speaking Bahamian English; a dialect of English with African and island influences.

Marvellous Morocco

Wow! The diversity you will find in Morocco makes it the perfect place for a digital detox; you will be so immersed in exploring this marvellous place that you’ll barely have time to look at your phone. Unless, you are using your phone to capture photographs then you’ll be using your phone quite a bit because there is just so much to see and explore.

Marvellous Morocco

Across Morocco you can explore rich cultural attractions: explore a souk (a market), eat delicious food, visit a nature park, enjoy a camel ride or quad bike excursion in the desert, see the beach, or shop. Fashionistas can visit the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech: a museum dedicated to Algerian-born French designer Yves Saint Laurent. At the museum you can view the YSL collection, see a different exhibition in the exhibition hall (depending on what is on show during your visit), and more.

Film buffs can enjoy Casablanca, the city in which the Hollywood film of the same name was set. Instead of memories of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, create your own memories associated with the name. You can even visit Rick’s Café, a recreation of the café in the film.

Don’t miss out on Chefchaouen with its signature blue streets and Jemaa el Fnaa where you can eat a tasty snack during the day and watch performers at night while enjoying a more filling meal. The evening performances include jugglers and snake charmers.

Remember that Morocco is a Muslim country and there are some customs that must be respected while visiting this North African country. These include prayer times and appropriate dress.

There are three Club Med resorts in Morocco from which you can choose. All of the resorts are all-inclusive, as is the Club Med way, and each has its own charm.

Getting there: Unless you are flying to Marrakech, expect at least two stops as flights tend to stop in Marrakech before going on to other Moroccan cities. Booking flights and accommodation with us means that resort transfers are included.

 Languages: The official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Amazigh, although many Moroccans also understand and speak French.

Valmorel vistas

To say that the vistas in Valmorel are incredible is to describe them inaccurately; in Valmorel you can enjoy some of the best views in the Alps. You can enjoy these views from your accommodation, while on the slopes, and while in the town below – there are great views everywhere you look.

Valmorel is located in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps. The small town has pedestrian streets, quaint squares, and a wonderful French hamlet feel to it. In the winter this town is filled with snow and skiiers; beginners and professionals alike flock to the town to enjoy some of the best skiing in the Alps.

The Club Med Valmorel village

At Club Med all-inclusive really means all-inclusive; staying at Club Med Valmorel means your food is included as well as daily ski lessons. Other than skiing, you can learn to snowboard and Nordic walk.

Nordic walking is a brisk walk through the snow using two poles to help you. It is a fantastic way to explore the mountains while also getting in some good exercise.

Spend your days exploring, skiing, snowboarding, walking, and relaxing – great activities for a digital detox.

Getting there: The airport nearest Valmorel is Chambery but, there are a number of ways to get there. Opt to book your flights with us and we can sort out your flights, and accommodation. We’ll also include resort transfers.

Languages: French. As Valmorel is a popular ski location you will meet people of various nationalities speaking a number of languages.

Terrific Tomamu Hokkaido

Over 800 km away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo is Japan’s second largest island: Hokkaido. It is in the north of Japan, near Russia. Visit Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa where you can see polar bears, penguins, and seals; explore Royce’ Chocolate World at the Chitose airport where you can explore the museum and, of course, buy chocolate; and have fun at Mina Mina Beach – Japan’s largest indoor wave pool.

Of course, while in Japan beef-eaters must try wagyu beef. Wagyu is very special type of beef. Foodies’ opinions vary on whether you may call it wagyu if the cattle have been raised outside of Japan but the major selling point of waygu is that, cooked well, the meat literally melts in your mouth. The small pieces of fat between the muscle have a low melting point and thus while cooking the fat cooks into the meat giving it a tender texture and buttery flavour.

The seafood in Hokkaido is also highly regarded so be sure to sample some while in the area.

Tomamu Hokkaido, Japan

At Club Med’s Tomamu Hokkaido guests can enjoy ski lessons (including night-time skiing), snowboarding, snow sledging, snow trekking, snow rafting, and so much more. The best part is that by staying with Club Med all food, drinks, and the activities mentioned above (as well as a few others) are included in your package price. Yes, even the skiing lessons are included and you can take as many lessons as you need.

Getting there: You will be flying for a minimum of 19 hours and you will have at least 1 stop over if you’d like to fly directly to Chitose airport. Booking flights and accommodation with us ensures that you have airport transfers as well.

Languages: Japanese. At Club Med we ensure that our guests have a great time so there will English-speaking people to help with whatever you need.

There are plenty of places you can visit for a digital detox, all you need to do is choose the location, book your holiday, pack, and then enjoy. Club Med has a team of travel experts who are happy to help you book a sun or ski holiday at any one of our all-inclusive resorts around the world.