Tips for a great family holiday, from Zuraida Jardine

Well-known South African celebrity, media personality, business owner and all round talent Zuraida Jardine recently spent a week at the luxurious 5-trident Club Med La Plantation d’Albion with her husband Josh Lindberg and children Zaria and Shia. Read her tips for travelling with children so that your family holiday is easy and lots of fun.

“I’ve travelled a lot on my own as well as with family and you learn a few things along the way through trial and error!” says Zuraida.

“Pack smart and travel light. I have found that when you’re with your kids, there’s potentially loads of luggage that you really don’t need. So, think carefully when you pack at home and save yourself endless hassles at the airport.

“I make sure that I pack a few things that my kids can wear more than once. Packing lighter fabrics is useful so I can wash some things when I’m there. Club Med has a laundry service which is super convenient, but there is also a washing line in the bathroom, so washing a few quick items is very convenient,” she advises.

Some parents worry about how their children will adjust to the (salty) water. Zuraida says she and Josh are lucky as their kids are water-babies and the challenge is how to get them “out” of the water. When it comes to the sun however, don’t forget to pack sunblock. This is often a very expensive item overseas, so it’s advisable to pack your own and enough.

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Zuraida cautions: “there is always a chance your kids could get sick while on holiday. Rather than stressing where to find medicine, I always pack a few essential vitamins – some cough syrup or any of your own go-to illness treatments.”

Zuraida and her family have enjoyed our all-inclusive offering a few times. They have been to Albion before and they’ve also stayed with Club Med in the Maldives. She shares one of her favourite things about staying with Club Med: “One of the best things is that they arrange a pick-up from the airport and take you straight to your hotel.” “Not having to worry about transport in an unfamiliar place when you land, means you can focus on the kids and get them settled as soon as possible,” she adds.

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With a beautiful adults-only infinity pool, sunbeds on unspoilt shores, and endless activities that introduce children to local culture and nature, our La Plantation d’Albion is an idyllic getaway in the Indian Ocean that caters to both parents and their children – offering lots of opportunities for quiet mom and dad time while children (of all ages) are safely entertained by trained and qualified Club Med G.Os. Fun for the whole family in paradise is only a four-hour flight from Johannesburg.

Zuraida, who is known for her sense of style and easy glamour, shares her tips for parents while packing for themselves.

“I love dressing up at night and to make an effort, but I keep it casual during the day. I find that kaftans are great – they’re breezy, cool as well as elegant and you can just slip them on! Pair your favourite kaftan with a nice pair of embellished sandals at night and you look and feel the part of a sun-drenched island queen. During the day, I just rock my Havaianas – super easy and comfortable.

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“In short, don’t fuss too much – with your hair, make-up or your clothes. Go light, comfortable and let your senses be enthralled. You can go to any hotel in the most exquisite location but what stands out is not what is on offer, but how it makes you feel. The kids, Josh, and I felt amazing after Club Med La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius.”

Learn more about our offering for travelling as a family, speak to one of Club Med’s holiday experts, and book an incredible all-inclusive family holiday for you and your family today.