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With so much to do and explore in Mauritius, it can seem overwhelming to decide where to begin. Here we share with you a one-day itinerary to get you started. Though we suggest an order here, you can choose to do these activities in any order you like. This itinerary will take a full day so we have included a suggestion for lunch.

Visit Grand Bassin with an open mind and prepare to be amazed. Grand Bassin, or Ganga Talao, is a large sacred lake in the mountainous district of Savanne. The lake is sacred for the Hindu people of the island due to its connection to the Gangees in India. It was chosen years ago by the Mauritian Hindu community and water from the Gangees in India has since been poured in the lake. While many are allowed to submerge their full bodies in the Gangees, worshipers in Mauritius may only submerge parts of their bodies in the Grand Bassin.

Along the lake’s edge are statues of Shiva, Ganesh, and various other Hindu gods and goddesses. The view of the lake, from the entrance to the working temple, is simply beautiful; looking out across the water you can feel how revered this space is. Non-Hindus may enter the temple, just remember to remove your shoes before you go in. It is not uncommon to see local families coming to the water’s edge to perform ceremonies.

Visitors may take pictures outside, just remember to respect the space as it is sacred.

Next, enjoy views of the astounding Black River Gorge. From the lookout point you see kilometres of lush greenery, Black River Peak, and a beautiful waterfall. Black River Peak stands at over 800 metres making it Mauritius’ highest peak. You can also follow the pathway and take in more of this phenomenal view. Hikers can also plan a hike up the mountain for an adrenaline rush and better views of the Black River Gorges National Park.

Rhumerie de Chamarel is our next stop. This is also where you can stop for a sumptuous lunch. The Rhumerie is a working rum distillery where you can learn about the distillation process, learn that there are four types of sugar cane, and do a rum tasting, among other things. One of the great things about the distillery is that it uses all parts of the sugar cane; the juice is fermented into rum and the fibres are used to fuel the machines. It is also the only distillery in Mauritius to use a double distillation method. This you can all learn from your friendly and knowledgeable distillery guide.

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Enjoy a delicious lunch at the distillery restaurant followed by a rum tasting. Your waiter will be able to tell you the specials for the day and you can request vegetarian options. During the rum tasting you will try different rums including a simple distilled rum, a double distilled rum, two spices rum, and more. There are also rum cocktails.

For those who do not drink rum, Rhumerie de Chamarel also makes unusual but flavoursome jams which you can taste. These flavours include papaya and vanilla, mango and passion fruit, pineapple and cinnamon, and pineapple and rum.

The location of the Rhumerie de Chamarel is also a sight to behold; photograph and experience beautiful flowers, lush trees, and spectacular views of the surrounding area. Bring your camera and prepare to get some magnificent photographs.

You can end the day with a visit to the 7-Coloured Earth, where you can see a natural phenomenon. The 7-Coloured Earth attraction is small area of sand dunes where the earth is as many colours as the rainbow; some locals argue that there are so many colours there are not yet names for all the colours you can see. You can also visit nonagenarian tortoises while you are at the 7-Coloured Earth attraction.

Entrance to the 7-Coloured Earth is MUR225 (225 Mauritian Rupees) for non-residents, and entrance for children aged five to 12 years is MUR125.

If you have time, try to visit Tamarind Falls. You won’t be disappointed. The waterfall is well-known and it is the highest on the island at almost 300 metres. There are two lookout points: one is at the level you park the car or tour bus and the other is a few steep steps up. The better view is from the higher lookout point so be sure to take a few minutes to climb the incline.

If you choose to stay at Club Med’s five-trident La Plantation d’Albion, and you really should, crêpes are served by the Banian bar from 4pm. They are freshly made and you can add Nutella, cinnamon sugar, syrups, and jams to them. So, after a busy day exploring the island, you can take a beat and enjoy a sweet treat by the pool. The other great thing about staying at Club Med is that your stay is all-inclusive so you can kick back and relax by the bar while sipping on a drink and eating freshly made crêpes.

The Banian Bar
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