Unwind in beautiful Bali

For many people, when they think of their own personal paradise, the bluest seas and the softest sands come to mind – perhaps with a towering palm tree sheltering them from the brightest sunshine, while they sip a cocktail out of a coconut. So in other words, Bali. This island paradise is known for being a fantastic tourist destination to which hundreds of thousands of visitors flock, all in the hopes of witnessing Mother Nature’s beauty and enjoying a serene break from everyday life. Finding your zen in Bali is easy – you don’t even have to try. Let’s take a look at some of Bali’s highlights.


 Beachside resorts

Bali has some truly fantastic resorts that run all along its beachfront. Club Med’s resort is perfect for families, as it boasts an array of amenities such as spas and private pools that help instil a sense of tranquillity and serenity.


New hobbies

If you’re up for trying something new, why not try your hand at trapeze? Club Med’s Bali resort offers a number of activities, including a flying trapeze school. What better place to learn to fly than in paradise itself?


Reconnect your mind and body

For years, Bali has been hailed as the perfect vacation destination for those who want to reconnect their minds and bodies. Naturally, it then also makes for the perfect location in which to do yoga, an activity that has long been revered for the physical, mental and emotional benefits it brings to its practitioners. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, you’re sure to find inner peace in Bali, with several yoga classes on offer throughout the day all over the island.


De-stress completely

 Few things in life are better than a spa treatment. When you visit Bali, enjoy hot stone massages, facials and reflexology, to name a few, and then end your day off with a long walk on the beach as the sun paints the sky hues of yellow, orange and pink.


Healthy food for the soul

As a tropical destination, Bali is home to several dishes guaranteed to deliver a taste explosion in every bite. With Chinese and Polynesian influences, most of the traditional meals served there are made with the freshest, most colourful ingredients. The food in Bali is not just colourful and visually appealing, but it’s also good for you – no greasy slices of pizza or a cheeseburger in sight! Instead, you will be able to choose from a wealth of freshly-prepared, balanced meals that are not only delicious, but wholesome and healthy too.

The points above only scratch the surface of what Bali has to offer. In reality, this paradise offers visitors the perfect escape from the tensions of everyday life and affords each and every one of its tourists the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, harmonising retreat that will greatly benefit the mind, body and soul.