Enjoy 5-Trident Mauritius at 4-Trident prices

Club Med offers holidays to cater for everyone’s pockets. While we never compromise on our all-inclusive offering, regardless of which resort, we do have 3-Trident, 4-Trident and 5-Trident offerings. Simply put, our 3-Trident resorts are what you have come to expect (and love) from Club Med – a stunning, experience-filled holiday. Our 4 and 5-Trident resorts, however, take things to the next level and allow you to revel in luxury. And few can compete with Club Med La Plantation d’Albion, our 5-Trident resort in an unspoilt, sun-soaked cove where you can discover Zen spirit and the warmth of the unique Mauritian culture.

Book now and get the best price

If you book during October and November 2017 for travel in early 2018, then you can experience this amazing 5-Trident resort at 4-Trident prices. A wonderful opportunity to indulge and reward yourself (and your partner or family) without having to break the bank.

With a beautiful adults-only infinity pool and sunbeds on unspoilt shores, Club Med La Plantation d’Albion is an idyllic getaway in the Indian Ocean for couples. Have a massage, wakeboard or waterski on perfectly flat oceans, enjoy fresh seafood at the award-winning Le Phare restaurant, drink champagne as you watch the sun set –  every day is romantic heaven in Albion!

An ideal resort for families

For families, this is also the perfect Mauritius resort as you enjoy the warmth of the local culture and the beauty of this treasured island. With the benefit of over 40 years Club Med experience, as part of the all-inclusive package this 5-Trident resort offers innovative clubs for children and teenagers. There are dedicated areas with specially designed equipment to ensure comfort and safety. And all our activities are managed by experienced and qualified G.Os who introduce children to the pleasures of living in harmony with nature, satisfy their curiosity with age-appropriate activities and provide them with opportunities to learn new sports.

Talking of sport, Club Med has the largest sports school in the world. Enjoy your favourite sport or learn a new one – all as part of your all-inclusive package. Beginners and experienced sportsmen enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and exclusive, fun lessons from G.Os trained in their respective discipline. And if you have never tried your hand at trapeze – do so! The exhilaration of flying through the air is an experience not to miss. And who knows, you may be part of our spectacle, showing the other guests your new-found talents.

There’s so much variety in this Club Med resort

At the end of the day, when you are ready to unwind and share the experiences of the day at this 5-Trident, luxury resort, you have a choice of places to enjoy your drinks. Our favourites include the Alouda where you can lounge on plush furniture and enjoy unbeatable ocean views; or the Banian with its luxurious red furnishing and stylish wood where cigar humidors are available at an extra cost, and smoking is permitted on the terrace.

For South Africans, Mauritius remains a close destination (only four hours away), with numerous flight options available and no visa requirements – it couldn’t be easier, or, with this superb offering, more affordable. To help you prepare for your unforgettable 5-Trident stay, here are a few useful Creole expressions :

– Hello: Bonzour

– Goodbye: Salam

– How are you? : Ki manière?

– Please: Si ou plé


All you need to do now, is to give us a call and experience 5-Trident luxury in Mauritius.