The Rand rollercoaster: What does this mean for your travel plans?

The Rand has been on a rollercoaster of note over the past few years, and things don’t look very promising at the moment. These ups and downs affect everything from the price of petrol to groceries, clothes and everything in between. All of this is enough to stress you out and leave you in dire need of a holiday!

And then you realise – “The Rand rollercoaster will also negatively affect the price of that dream holiday I was hoping for!”

If you were planning on booking a trip with a travel operator besides Club Med, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, the price of your holiday will likely be affected. You see, with most travel operators, their price is dependant on the Rand. When the Rand is on a good streak, so is the price for your holiday; but when the Rand takes a dive, your pocket is going to take a big knock…

Holidays are meant for recharging, relaxing and escaping life’s daily stresses and pressures; so why should these pressures be placed upon you in the initial stage of planning your holiday?!

The simple answer is: they shouldn’t.

That’s why Club Med has ensured that when you choose a holiday with us, it’s exchange-rate-proof.

Exchange-rate-proof your holiday

When you book your holiday with Club Med, not only do you get the very best of all-inclusive, but you also get to exchange-rate-proof your holiday. What this means is that once you have paid the 10%* deposit on your holiday package, the rest of the package’s rate is fixed. So, no matter what happens to the Rand, your holiday package balance will not be affected.

It doesn’t get better than that, does it? Yes, it does.


Pay in Rands, play in Euros or Dollars

When you book your Club Med holiday, you pay in Rands and can play in Euros or Dollars – without actually having to worry about what things are going to cost you!

“How?” you ask?

Because our holidays are all-inclusive, everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to snacks, drinks*, and entertainment are included in the price you pay upfront. At some resorts, we even throw in flying trapeze and other adventure sports into the mix! Because you paid for this all upfront (in Rands), you won’t get any nasty surprises notifying you of your purchases in Euros. No more having to convert from Euros to Rands!

With this peace of mind, you’re free to enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the max.

So, don’t stress about how the Rand value will impact your holiday; book your Club Med holiday today, leave your wallet at home and bring your Club Med happy.

For more information visit the Club Med website