Club Med launches Snow Manifesto and Signatures

Following the launch of our international Brand Playground campaign in January, we have just revealed a second chapter to the campaign – a snow manifesto brand video and a series of snow signatures!


The snow manifesto video

The initial campaign highlighted Club Med’s manifesto of a world of choices and signature experiences, while affirming the brand positioning of “worldwide resorts- all-inclusive experiences”.

Olivier Hannaert, MD of Club Med Southern Africa, notes that in this snow manifesto video, Club Med once again sets out to amaze consumers by showcasing the pleasures of all-inclusive holidays (this time in the snow): no stress, no constraint, a mountain of experiences both on skis…and off skis.

“A true ode to the freedom of rediscovering oneself, told through the eyes of an amazed woman sharing the experience she is living with her family at Club Med, with the spectator,” says Hannaert.

A one minute emotional and genuine brand movie (which will also exist in 30-second and 19-second formats), where the two pillars of the unique creative territory launched in January are identifiable with the aspirational tone and Youth Lagoon’s July soundtrack. The “What if” signature writing, on the other hand, places emphasis on the constellations of possibilities offered by Club Med.

As with the previous campaign, Club Med and its global agency, Fred & Farid, trusted the director Nan to give life to the Club Med experience in a surprising and emotional way. Thanks to a multi-camera setup (on-board camera, mobile video, GoPro, and more), Nan plunges the spectator into this family life and into the snow resort via in an immersive and genuine way, contributing to anchoring Club Med in its time.


The Signatures stay at the heart of Club Med’s strategy

Club Med offers the best of ski, alongside an array of non-ski activities, in order to meet all of its clients’ wishes. On top of the snow manifesto brand movie, Club Med produced short videos to introduce its top Signatures (those premium services that contribute to the uniqueness of the Club Med offer) which has also just been released. “Each and every signature is a visible and tangible proof of experience attesting to the brand’s ‘frictionless’ positioning and the endless possibilities it offers.  It is also an opportunity to showcase those who are hiding behind each of these Signatures: the GOs, who, every day in every single Club Med resort around the world, place their professionalism, expertise and caring at the service of clients so that they can enjoy the experience of a lifetime”, says Hannaert.

Signature n°35 “Ready, steady, ski!”, for example, perfectly illustrates the Club Med experience by allowing clients to book their gear in advance in order to avoid a stressful time upon arrival and the hassle of busy lines.

Signature n°32 “Hike, swim, climb, play… and ski” embodies the fact that Club Med does not limit its service to ski, and speaks to mountain lovers who would rather go snowshoeing or simply prefer to relax by the pool.

Signature n°63 “Preparing your kids: G.Os do it best” establishes Club Med’s leadership when it comes to childcare thanks to passionate and fascinating G.Os who take care of children (and the Club Med Kids Clubs) from dawn till dusk.

Signature n°55 “Step out of bed, step onto the slopes” demonstrates the “frictionless” positioning with resorts situated right by the slopes in the world’s best ski domains.


A playground well-aligned with Club Med’s ambition for snow

Through this worldwide and digital Playground, Club Med highlights the uniqueness of its premium snow offer. “Club Med’s ambition for snow is strong: become the world leader by deploying its all-inclusive premium offer across the globe. Two resorts will open this December, extending the list of possibilities to discover some of the world’s most-loved winter destinations: Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, in the heart of the French Alps, and Tomamu Hokkaido in Japan,” Hannaert adds.