The More the Merrier in Mauritius

As the bliss of your amazing December holiday quickly fades into a happy memory, isn’t it time to start planning your next family vacation? Give your kids something to look forward to by booking a Club Med holiday in Mauritius. It’s close by, family friendly and perfectly geared to provide an unforgettable time for everyone.

From quad biking and zip lining, to a range of watersports in the calm Indian Ocean, outdoorsy families will be in their element. Of course, you could always just lie on a recliner and read your book while our G.O’s take care of the little ones. Child minding services are on offer from Sunday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm.

The cherry on the top? Kids under 12 stay free!


Here are some of our top picks for family holidays in Mauritius:


Club Med Albion Villas

The Albion Villas

Do you fancy staying in the last remaining preserved creeks in Mauritius? Club Med’s Albion Villas is the perfect destination for an intimate family holiday. While you’re sipping champagne next to the pool, our qualified Club Med G.O’s will take care of the kids.

Childcare activities are offered for children aged 2 to 17. From scuba diving to trapeze flying, it’s a given that your children will be entertained and have many stories to tell.


Club Med La Plantation d’Albion

La Plantation D’Albion

Is it time for that big family reunion you’ve been talking about for years? La Plantation D’Albion offers a range of accommodations that allow you to be close to each other, without being on top of each other.

Bring the kids along for an education in the traditional heritage and nature of the Mauritian lifestyle and mother nature’s beauty, in the hands of Club Med’s qualified G.O’s. While the kids go from finding their balance on water skis to performing magic, you’re free to relax, let go of all your stress as you slip into a little piece of heaven at the luxurious resort spa.


Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers

La Pointe aux Canonniers

Often when you buy a photo frame it comes with a photo of white sand, clear blue seas and palm trees. If you thought that was a made-up place, think again. La Pointe Aux Canonniers is set on a pristine beach that’s dying for you to take a photograph of it and put it up on your mantlepiece at home.

As a family getaway, La Pointe aux Canonniers offers a range of activities for the entire family to enjoy together – from sailing and scuba diving to lobster tasting under the starry Mauritian sky. It doesn’t get more perfect than this.


The more the merrier, the bigger the better. A holiday like this is easy to organise on the Club Med website. So start planning your next family holiday to Mauritius right away. You have nothing to lose!