We’ve Launched a New Campaign!

Club Med as a brand has been on an exciting journey over the past few years. And as with all brands, we evolve and grow over the years. This year, the evolution is in the form of our latest campaign which we have just launched. The campaign highlights our manifesto of a world of choices and signature experiences, while affirming our latest brand positioning of “worldwide resorts- all-inclusive experiences.”

The manifesto video and a series of nine “signatures” videos will be launched across traditional and online media platforms from 7 February 2017.

Lesego Matabane, Marketing Manager for Club Med Southern Africa, affirms that the time is right for a new brand positioning for Club Med within the South African market as the brand has experienced strong growth since the last brand iteration two years ago. The manifesto and signatures videos will be the catalysts to communicate why Club Med is unlike any other travel brand.

“Through the videos we have created, we have set out to ignite, trigger and nurture our travellers’ true sense of wonder, and pay tribute to the freedom to rediscover ourselves. With people’s happiness (on holiday) at the heart of Club Med’s mission, this year we are inviting guests to tap into their most amazing self – which is unleashed when on vacation and when the daily routine is swapped for soaking up the sun (or hitting the ski slopes) and for venturing into new adventures. When it came to the rationale behind the latest campaign, we had to ask ourselves: ‘How do we encourage and enable guests to tap into their most amazing self?’ The answer was clear: by providing them with a world of experiences and choices that facilitate inspiration for a new, better version of themselves; while at the same time providing them with the peace of mind of having everything (all meals and all drinks – all day – activities, kids’ clubs and more) covered in their holiday package with us.”


The Club Med manifesto

The manifesto video, created by Fred & Farid, features a series of breathtaking visuals from exotic locations around the world, showcasing a myriad of activities. The visuals are accompanied by the narrative of a woman who is having an internal dialogue with herself, struggling to decide on what she should do today – because there are so many experiences to choose from. By the end of the manifesto video, it is clear that all of these choices and experiences are available to guests at Club Med resorts around the world.

To convey the feelings of amazement and the infinite possibilities on offer at Club Med, Fred & Farid came up with an authentic, highly emotive storyline, consisting of a series of fragmentary moments that reflect the exceptional experiences to be enjoyed in our Resorts. Using a wide array of digital technologies such as onboard cameras, mobile video and Instagram, Club Med’s message taps into new cutting-edge applications and the trend for photo-sharing on social networks. The film was produced by Nan and chief cameraman Matias Boucard, well-known for his work on the Odyssey French movie. The soundtrack also enhances the emotional content while giving out positive vibes, making the viewer feel comfortable, cosseted and inspired.

Why female-focused?

“In most instances, women drive the holiday decision-making process, consolidating demands and aspirations from everyone in the family. During this process, they tend to forget themselves in the balance. Our manifesto video affirms that on a Club Med holiday, you have the freedom and choice to do as much or as little as you want. We provide a holiday context that will allow you to disconnect from daily stresses, to better reconnect with yourself and your loved ones; while at the same time offering a myriad of experiences that you and your loved ones may try for the first time, unleashing the ‘amazing’ within you – all communicated from a woman’s perspective” says Matabane.

Club Med Signatures

“Club Med offers our guests over 200 services that cater to their every need. Of these 200 services, 70 of them are signature experiences that you will only find at Club Med resorts. Club Med’s signatures (and the videos which will now communicate each) stand out in an increasingly digital world calling for visible, tangible proof of experiences. They represent the best experience that Club Med can offer its customers worldwide in its resorts, and illustrate its people know-how. Kindness, care, ‘premium-ness’ and other qualities embodied in the signatures which are an essential part of the brand’s DNA. The ten signatures videos we have released so far showcase these unique elements that are true to Club Med,” says Olivier Hannaert, MD for Club Med Southern Africa.

The signatures videos released (at the moment) are:

  1. Amazing G.O
    • A Gentil Organisateur is a Club Med invention. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med spiritat all resorts and are the soul, the vitality and the wealth of the Club and represent the wonderful spirit of Club Med. G.O’s are something Club Med clients (who are referred to as G.Ms – Gentil Membre) at all resorts, absolutely adore. As South Africans would say, this is an element that brings true “gees” to the resorts
  1. Worldwide Playground
    • Club Med is present in 26 countries, with over 60 upscale resorts in some of the most breathtaking sun and snow destinations around the world. The brand has a multicultural DNA, so each nationality finds its perfect vacation, across the globe. Each resort also caters to various interests and loves of each different traveler. For those who enjoy winter sports and a snow-filled vacation, Club Med has 21 villages in the French Alps, three in the Italian Alps, two in the Swiss Alps, and one in Japan. Skiers and snowboarders are really spoilt for choice.

Resorts in Bintan, the Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Phuket, the Bahamas, Cancun and more, provide beach lovers with the ultimate paradise.

For families traveling with children, Club Med offers the best in all-inclusive kid- and baby-friendly vacations.Whether your child is four* months old or 17 years old, a Club Med village is the perfect spot for stimulation, exploration, self-expression and physical activity – all in the safest of environments. From the baby gym and creative workshops to the flying trapeze and hikes in nature, Club Med’s qualified G.O’s adapt to the rhythm and personality of your children to make their holiday magical. Our resorts are really the perfect playground for adults and children alike – enabling everyone to have the best time, in whatever way suits them,” says Matabane.

  1. Standard Thrills
    • Sports lovers will have access to flying trapeze, scuba diving, rock climbing, Pilates, standup paddleboarding, golf and more at various resorts, which are supervised by Club Med’s experienced G.O’s and professional trainers
  2. Professional Fun
    • You’re learning from the best trainers at each resort
    • If you’re a professional, you get to play the best 18-hole golf courses at our golfing resorts
  3. All-day Dining
    • All-meals, all day, included. The very best cuisine at all resorts
  4. Non-stop Rest
    • Do as much (or as little) as you like at each resort
  5. Insider Outings
    • Discover the destination you’re holidaying at
  6. Spa Heaven
    • The world’s best spa brands at each resort
  7. Good Aftermoon
    • The social atmosphere of all Club Med resorts
  8. Virtual Reality
    • Thanks to our virtual reality headsets and customised content, being “transported” to our resorts (to experience extraordinary beauty) has never been easier.


Keep an eye out for our manifesto video across DSTV channels, select radio stations and various online platforms over the next month!