The Best Sunsets Around the World

It is said that no two sunsets are alike. The same can be said for destinations – each unique and beautiful in its own way. We’ve combined the two and have put together a list of five destinations worldwide, that offer some of the most mesmerising sunsets.



With endless untouched beaches and open horizons hovering over a clear sea, the Indonesian sunset boasts a myriad of orange, yellow, pink and purple; a stunning spectacle set against the horizon.



With its natural beauty of the coast complete with aqua blue waters and alluring cliff tops, it’s not difficult to see why this destination is on our list of places to catch the perfect sunset. The sun highlights old structural buildings and reflects a warm glow that lights up the city and illuminates the sea. Vibrant colours set against dark hilltops is what makes Grecian sunsets truly remarkable.

The French Alps

Described as the ‘Alpine Glow’ – a rainbow of colours set as a backdrop for picturesque valleys and rolling heals. Sunsets in the French Alps boast an incredible contrast of colour between the crisp white snowy mountains and vibrant warm coloured skies.

Image courtesy of Val Thorens.

The Maldives

During the summer season, high humidity combined with strange cloudy skies, the Maldives offers the most breathtaking and remarkable sunsets. It is recommended for holiday goers to view a sunset on a sandbank in order to experience a true moment of enchantment; a great time to wonder and reflect, and the perfect combination of tranquility and magic.



Palm trees, sandy beaches and waves lapping the sea shore all set the tone for a magical sunset experience. A true fiesta of colours, the Mexican sunset is one of rich vibrancy; a montage of warm oranges and deep blues contrasted with soft pinks and deep purples. A Mexican sunset is bound to leave you breathless.


If this list has you eager to chase beautiful sunsets, the good news is that we have Club Med resorts in each place listed above.

Sunset bucket list – sorted!