Five Holiday Packing Tips You’ll Use Forever

Planning a holiday is probably one of the most exciting things to do. And the closer you get to leaving for your holiday, the more excited you become. Until of course, you have to hurl out the suitcase and pack.

We bust the hacks of packing and instead bring you the five best packing tips you’ll ever find right here.

TIP #1: Research the destination

If you are going to a destination you haven’t been to before or if you’re visiting at a different time of year, you should definitely research the place a little better.

  • Check the average temperature for day and night
  • Check the dress code [some places require a certain dress code for religious reasons]
  • Research the activities [Club Med has themed evenings which requires you to dress accordingly, by downloading the Club Med app, you will be able to see exactly what theme is being celebrated and when]
  • Clothing and equipment requirements – do you require to take your own skiing or diving equipment for example or can you hire it there?

TIP #2: Choose the correct luggage

Choosing the correct luggage is the difference between having creases all holiday long and arriving at your destination with your suitcase and belongings in the same condition as you packed them in.

  • Investing in a good set of luggage that is well designed, made of quality material and is ergonomically engineered to give you the best comfort when travelling is something that everyone should do, especially if you plan to travel often.
  • Samsonite has a range of luggage to suit every traveller’s needs. The Spinner Suitcases feature four, multi-directional spinner wheel that allows 360 degree upright rolling in multiple directions. And the Curv® construction behind the Samsonite Cosmolite and Lite-Shock ranges is extremely impact resistant. There is a specially designed case to suit you.
Spinner 69cm - Lite-Locked with Curv® tech
Spinner 69cm – Lite-Locked with Curv® tech
Spinner 81cm - S’Cure DLX
Spinner 81cm – S’Cure DLX
Spinner 75cm - Lite-Shock
Spinner 75cm – Lite-Shock
  • You then need to decide whether you want hard-side or soft-side luggage. The softer bags can be squashed into smaller spaces with ease, while the hard shell bags are much lighter, are stain and damp resistant and can protect your valuables a lot better.
  • Different luggage interiors are also available. Again, this is chosen depending on preference. The divider or cross ribbons help you organise your case properly. They also help to keep everything in one place, should your case not be filled completely. You could use the pockets for delicate items or the top part of the luggage to store your worn clothing for example.
Divider/cross ribbons
Divider/cross ribbons
Top case divider
Top case divider
  • Choose between large bags, smaller ones known as cabin luggage and even luggage for the kids. Visit to be emersed in the plethora of choices.
Disney Wonder 45cm - 1.5kg / 23.5L
Disney Wonder 45cm – 1.5kg / 23.5L
Spinner 81cm - 5.3kg / 138L
Spinner 81cm – 5.3kg / 138L
Spinner 55cm - 1.88kg / 36L
Spinner 55cm – 1.88kg / 36L

TIP #3: Only take what you need

It is often very tempting to pack in the items of clothing you don’t need to take. The just-in-case items are usually the items that take up the most space in your suitcase. Here’s how to decide what goes and what stays.

  • Separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves. Once you have packed all of the essentials, you can start packing in extras
  • Try and pack mix-and-match items only. Also try to pack items that can be dressed up or dressed down, that way you’ll cut down half the amount of clothing you’ll need to take
  • Clothing that doesn’t crease easily or need ironing are first prize. Always
  • Don’t overpack your toiletry bag. Check what is supplied by the resort. And decanter your shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and other items into travel-size bottles


TIP #4: Pack smart

Now that you have it all sorted out, you need to make sure that you pack clever, otherwise all of the effort will be for nothing. Follow this guide to packing properly.

  • Pack larger, heavier items at the bottom of the bag so that you don’t squash anything.
  • Use towels, sarongs and the like to separate items in your bag for ease of use. Also, to cover intimates you don’t want accidentally flashing
  • Put small, nicky-knacky items into your shoes, then cover your shoes with bags or shoe-bags to avoid getting your clothing dirty.
  • Use belts and longer items with cords to line the perimeter of the bag
  • Pop socks into the spots where there are gaps

TIP #5: Protect your goods

The very last thing you need to do is make sure that your expensive suitcase and all its contents are kept safe. Don’t just assume that people aren’t going to be tempted to take a look see what you’ve got in there.

  • Get a lock for your suitcase, preferably one with a secret code
  • Don’t leave your personal documents and valuables in your suitcase, rather keep them on your person if you can
  • Put an ID tag on the outside of your bag and one on the inside as well, just in case the outer tag is removed

Now that you are all packed and ready to go, don’t forget to take your Club Med happy along too.