Three steps to getting the best savings on your Club Med holiday

Everybody works hard all year round in preparation for that holiday where they can just let go and have fun. And when we get back from our well-deserved break, we simply can’t wait to start planning for the next one. At the best price of course.

Luckily, Club Med makes planning your next holiday and getting the best price very simple. The only thing you may find hard is choosing one of over 80 resorts worldwide to visit.

Follow these simple steps to booking your all-inclusive holiday at the best possible price.

STEP 1: SELECT YOUR HOLIDAY PERIOD (When you want to travel)

Club Med has a custom-made booking program that allows you to enjoy discounts all year-round, not just during certain periods of the year.

Decide when you would like to travel. Are you looking for a snow holiday? Or a beach holiday? During the school holiday period or out of the school holiday period?


STEP 2: WORK OUT YOUR EARLY BOOKING BONUS (how much you’ll save)

This Early Booking Bonus means that as long as you book ahead of time, you will be able to make a saving.

It works like this:

Book six months (180 days) prior to your departure and you’ll make a 15% saving.
Book three months (90 days) prior to your departure and you’ll make a 10% saving.


Flight prices are also generally a lot cheaper when you book far in advance, adding to your saving.


Now that you have received your quote, have decided on when you want to travel and seen your amazing savings, you need to make it official by completing the booking form and paying the deposit.

You can complete the booking process in one of two ways:

1) Book via

2) Call 0860 258 293

Once you have made the booking and paid the deposit the rest of your holiday payment will be exchange rate proof, meaning that no matter what happens to the rand, when it comes to paying the balance of the payment, you will pay at the rate you got when you paid the deposit. Even if the rand has escalated, you will be safe knowing that the cost of your holiday won’t change at all.

Don’t you think it’s time you were Club Med happy?

For more information on the all-inclusive Club Med resorts, visit the website here.