Mauritius calls all kids under 12 to stay and play FREE this October holiday

Family holidays are an absolute necessity. Even if it’s just one holiday a year. It’s the one week a year where parents can forget about their electronics, cooking meals and innovative ways to keep kiddies entertained. It is also one week of the year where the kids get to enjoy more of their parents and forget about routine for a while.

It is all good and well to know that a family break is necessary but at what cost? Accommodation, transport, food, snacks, entertainment and and and. For many families, overseas holidays are just not a viable option. This doesn’t have to be and isn’t the case.

Cue Magical Mauritius

There are many perks to travelling to Mauritius like it is only a four-hour flight from Johannesburg. Another is when you visit either Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers or Club Med La Plantation D’Albion in Mauritius, kids under the age of 12 years old, stay and play for free. Yes, that’s ALL kids under 12 years old, so if you have three kids under 12 years old, all of them will be able to stay and play for free!

Unpacking the perks before packing for Mauritius

When it comes to planning a holiday, you generally have to make sure that every single cent is accounted for. With Club Med, everything is included, and when it comes to the little ones, everything is taken care of in resort. We have taken a popular school holiday period in October and done a bit of a cost comparison.

Here’s how you’re saving:


You are looking at paying an additional R4 000 per child old at a hotel in Mauritius. The only meals included is breakfast. And the whole family shares a room.

At Club Med resorts in Mauritius, you pay no additional costs for kids under 12 years old. All meals are included and children sleep in an interleading room off the main bedroom.

So instead of the whole family cramped in one room at an additional cost of R12 000 for the week (assuming you have three kids under 12), you are saving a lot more than just the money. Your sanity as well.


High-end dining could cost anything between R450 and R3 600 for a lunch or dinner meal per person. For the week, you’ll pay a minimum of R6 300 per child on lunches and dinners. As far as snacks and soft drinks go, expect to pay no less than R1 000 per day per child. That’s another R7 000 per child.

At Club Med fine cuisine (high-end dining) is included so you will pay nothing extra for your kiddies to eat. Snacks and soft drinks are included 24/7 as well. Mmmmm, just think of the pancakes with Nutella and ice cream whenever you want. (ok, maybe just one or two. A day.) Or some healthy fruits and juices to snack on?

Childminders and activities

Hotels without kids clubs will charge childminder rates if you wanted to break away to the spa or have a quiet drink at the bar. It is also difficult to keep the little ones occupied 24/7 while in a foreign country. So, you’d tend to search for different things to do, all of which come with a price. Don’t expect to pay less than R5 000 for activities and childminding services for one child.

At Club Med resorts in Mauritius, kids clubs for children of all ages are taken care of. The children are entertained by trained child minders who ensure that the activities are suited to their age and skill set. They also get to mingle with children of the same age but from different countries. So a bit of cultural experience is thrown in too.

Your Club Med Mauritius holiday will save you roughly, R16 000 per child under 12 years old. So instead of feeling like a walking ATM, you can put your wallet away and enjoy the time with your children because everything is already taken care of.

Go on, grab the little ones, your Club Med Happy awaits you.