Ditch the book. bring the dad bod.

You’ve done the research for your family beach holiday. Found the perfect Club Med Mauritius resort. It’s got enough sun to get your tan on, but enough shade under the palms so that kids don’t burn to cinders. And enough down time to get rid of the stress but enough activity to keep the dad bod from escalating to fat-dad status. And the best part is that the kiddies stay and play for free because they are under 12. The other best part is that they will also be able to be entertained at the state-of-the-art Kids Club.

Done. Booked. Take all my money!

You’re now at the point where you start imagining the perfect scenario of sand at your feet, clear ocean stretching out to the horizon, refreshing drink in the one hand and a good book in the other. Yes, you’re winning at relaxation. But while implanting your body into the sand every day for seven days may be fun for some, the thought now starts to look less exciting than the security check-in at the airport.

Now, before this thought escalates into a massive wave crashing into your perfectly sculptured sandcastle, just remember that the Club Med GOs have you and your “activity twitch” completely covered with activities from sunrise to way past sunset.

A typical day may look something like this:

The GOs start off at about 9am with a light warm up and don’t get them wrong it is called a “power walk” for a reason. After getting your heart rate up, you’ll probably need something to cool you down, this is where the “crazy-signs” and “aqua-dynamiques” at the main pool become a main feature.

If you are more of a synchronisation-outside-of-the-pool kind of person, you may like to trade your book for a ball of sorts. You’ll be glad to know that the GOs organise the happiest game of beach soccer or volleyball tournaments ever experienced.

If that doesn’t excite you, you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of other activities like darts, archery or a spot of tennis. Then, to bring a bit of calm to the focus and adrenaline the GOs will probably want to take you out onto the ocean with our “sailing armada”.



Disclaimer, as the sun starts to set, that doesn’t mean that the festivities should quieten down. In truth this is usually the part that outshines the day-time activities. With each evening’s dinner carrying a theme and dress code, you’ll be invited you to show off your creativity with themes such as “black and red, elegant, cappuccino, to name a few”. More about the themes and what to wear here.

These are just a few activities available at both Club Med Mauritius resorts. The cool part is that the activity schedules, themes and events change daily so that there is always something new to do. To check out the schedules as well as the themes for the week, you can simply download the Club Med app from the app store.

Listen, nobody is suggesting that you shouldn’t pack that book, in fact it’s encouraged that you speed read through it. That way you won’t have any distractions while you work with the GOs on your Club Med Happy!

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